What Can You Do to Make Money Online from Home?
Working from home does sound very appealing doesn’t it? But in order to find genuine work from home opportunities, you first need to do a self evaluation, and jot down what are the things you can do. These should be activities you are comfortable doing, and that will help you make money online from home.

God has blessed each of us with unique gifts and talents. One person might be a culinary genius and think of starting her own online coaching program. Another might have a good eye for photography, and make a tidy profit by selling stock photos. Yet another person might be good at administrative work, and would make a very efficient virtual assistant. You see, each of these people know what they are good at, and then think of how they can utilize it to make money.

Here are some ways you can figure out what you are good at.

1. Your Talents

What are you naturally good at doing? Think about what your family and friends always complimented you on. Chances are, you’ve always had a knack of doing something well that others struggle with. This skill just automatically came to you, with little effort from your side. It is probably a gift from God, that you’ve been blessed to receive. This talent could be the key to unlocking your work at home potential.

2. Your Education

There are some topics that you may be well educated on. It could be through self-learning or through a traditional course. Either way, this subject always caught your fancy and you were able to pick it up at a more rapid pace than your peers. You are always on the lookout for books and articles about this topic, and devour any information you can find. If your friends need any help on this topic, they know they can count on you. The subject you are well educated upon could give you a clue as to what you can do from home.

3. Your Experience

Do you have any prior experience working outside the home? Maybe you worked in a corporate setting, and gained some skills there. Or perhaps you have taken it on yourself to do odd projects and build your expertise on how to do a particular task. Either way, you have considerable experience in some particular niche that will work to your advantage as you start working from home.

4. Your Passion

What are you passionate about? What is that one topic that gets you so fired up that you cannot stop talking about it. What is that one task that energizes you and keeps you going? You know for a fact, this is something you’ll be comfortable doing even years later because you really enjoy doing it. Your long term dreams and plans probably include this passion of yours. What better way that to use it to start making money from home?

Take some time to think of all the things you are good at doing. You don’t have to be the best expert in that field, you can learn as you go.

Here is a self analysis worksheet with leading questions to help you identify what your key strengths are. Invest some quiet time in answering these questions and narrowing down what exactly you’d like to do, to make money from home.

Self Analysis Worksheet

Download the Self Analysis Worksheet here

A mindmap is another great tool that will help you identify what your strengths are and how good you are at each of them. Once you have completed the questionnaire (or created your mindmap), you will have a clearer idea of which area you will be specializing in, and what kind of work you can do from home.

Next week, I’ll be sharing an ultimate guide to making money online – a huge resource on money making opportunities and how to make them work for you. Stay tuned!

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