10 Creative Ways to Thank Your Clients and Customers
Thank you.

Just two simple words that hold a bevy of unsaid thoughts.

Everybody likes to be thanked.

We like to know that our efforts, however meager, are appreciated.

And all the more so when it comes to people we serve through our business.

Yes, I’m talking about the clients and customers who are the lifeline of any business.

With Thanksgiving just a month away, we’re already in the holiday giving mode. Let’s make the most of it, and show our appreciation to those who’ve helped us make it this far.

Here are 10 creative ways to thank your clients and customers.

1. Send a personalized email

In an era of generalized email newsletters, it makes one feel special to receive an individual email. Take a few minutes to type out emails to clients who were most valuable to your business this year. It will mean a lot to them.

2. Mail a handwritten note

Although we don’t like the fact, snail mail has slowly become a thing of the past. Even greeting cards and lengthy overseas letters have been replaced with e-greetings and long emails. Write short thank you notes to your preferred customers, and mail them the traditional way.

3. Offer a free bonus

Freebies are always welcome, especially when it’s given out to a select few. Offer a free bonus to your clients this season – it could be a small service you provide, or an additional product that might be useful to them. They’ll appreciate it for sure.

4. Meet in person

If you run a local business or have clients/customers residing in your locality, invite them to meet you at a nearby coffee shop. You can buy them coffee, convey your appreciation, and find out how you can serve them better in the coming year.

5. Send a sweet treat

Sending out a hamper filled with sweet treats is another way you can show your clients some love. It could be as simple as buying a chocolate gift box online and having it sent to their address. Or if you want to make it more personal, bake some cookies and deliver them.

6. Put them in the spotlight

If your customers don’t mind, you can put them in the spotlight. You could mention them by name on social media or on your blog. Let the world know that your clients mean a lot to you.

7. Refer new business

If your customers run their own business, give them a shout out. Your recommendation would be an excellent way to refer them new business.

8. Give a free upgrade

When you run a service based business, it’s essential to deliver only what you’ve promised. But once in a while you can throw in a free upgrade. Offer to give premium clients an upgraded service package, at no extra cost.

9. Send discount coupons

Email your clients some discount coupons for your products/services. Give them the option to use it themselves, or gift the same to someone else.

10. Mail a gift card

With gift cards now being just a click away, it’s become a go to thank you gift for many. If you have the budget for it, purchase a gift card – either from an online retailer, a megastore, or even a coffee shop and have it emailed to your clients.

To make it easy for you to thank your clients/customers this holiday season, we’ve designed a set of 6 printable thank you cards that you can personalize for your business.

Free Printable Thank You Cards

Click Here to Download the Thank You Cards as a Zip File

Note: The zip file is about 7MB and might take a few minutes to download.