100 Ways to Promote Your Next Product
Creating a product for your business is a mammoth task.

But promoting it doesn’t have to be!

Thanks to numerous online marketing techniques such as:

  • Content Marketing
  • Email Marketing
  • Search Engine Optimization
  • Social Media Marketing

In this article, we outline 100 practical ways you can promote your next product to get maximum visibility and abundant sales!

Spruce Up Your Website

Spruce Up Your Website

1. Create a dedicated product landing page. This should have a clear picture of your product, what it does, and how much it costs.

2. Make sure the landing page title, URL and images contain keywords related to the product.

3. Add social sharing buttons on the landing page. This would encourage site visitors to share your product with others in their social circles.

4. Feature all the benefits of the product and the problems it solves. Try to present this as a bulleted list, so it stands out.

5. Include endorsements and testimonials on the landing page. If at all possible, try to get your product endorsed by influencers in your niche.

6. Have an FAQs section that addresses the most common questions that people might have regarding your product.

7. If it is feasible, offer a moneyback guarantee. If you’re offering something of value, this would urge more people to try it out.

8. For physical products, have a clear return/exchange/cashback policy. People will be more willing to buy a product if they know they can exchange it for another product or store voucher.

9. Online payments need to be secure, and having a secure system in place will help potential customers trust you more. Display a badge that portrays what kind of security system you have on your site.

10. There are so many ways to make online payments these days. Offer at least a few different payment options, so customers can choose the ones they prefer.

11. Include the product image with a link to its landing page on your site’s home page and sidebar. The image should also include a call to action such as “Buy Now”.

12. If you launch products only occasionally, you can make it a big deal by changing you site’s theme or color scheme to match your product colors.

13. Feature your product in the 404 error page. A link to the landing page can be added in the 404 error page, so you can take pitch your product to people who land on your site through broken links.

14. A simple way to boost sales conversion rates is by including call to action for your product in every page of your site – either at the end of the page or as a related resource.

15. Publicize the number of people who’ve already purchased the product. The numbers will give the impression that your product is tried and tested by many others.

16. Use affiliate marketing to get other sites to market your products for a small commission. The affiliate marketing space should be well organized with relevant banners, instructions and related code.

17. Monitor the visitor behavior for your product’s landing page, and tweak it to ensure they make a favorable buying decision.

Blast it Out through a Blog

Blast it Out through a Blog

18. Just as you used a main keyword in the product landing page, identify other keyword variations and plan content pieces incorporating them.

19. Write a blog series related to your product. Articles could outline the benefits or the different ways it can be used.

20. Offer an incentive to followers for social shares. Everybody who shared a product related article from your blog would get a little something, such as, the first chapter of book,  a free sample, or a discount code.

21. Do a series of written interviews related to the product niche. Interviewing prominent people in your niche would give your product more visibility.

22. Publish a case study on how the product has helped users. Use statistical evidence as proof that your product really works.

23. Guest post on other blogs in your niche during the product launch.

24. Invite other prominent bloggers in your niche to contribute articles on your blog around the time your product is being launched.

25. Conduct a contest on your blog where people will have to do something in order to win a gift hamper.

26. Do a giveaway of your product on the blog. You can get readers to share about the product or comment on a blog post in order to get more entries in the giveaway.

27. Allow readers to share their personal stories on how they felt on using your product.

28. If your product is a book or eBook, organize an online book study to get more people to read the book.

29. If you’re selling a course, eCourse or any other digital product, such as graphics, themes, etc., throw out a challenge. This will get people to use your product and share their results.

30. Offer product related freebies on your blog, such as, printables, inspirational graphics, checklists, workbooks, etc.

31. Reach out to other influential bloggers and get them to share about the freebies you are offering on your blog.

32. Offer free products in exchange for a review by influential bloggers.

33. Conduct product giveaways on other popular blogs in your niche.

Email is Still Very Relevant

Email is Still Very Relevant

34. Launch a special series of free videos that people need to subscribe for. This will help you build a specialized email list through which you can pitch your product.

35. Send news of your product launch to all your existing email subscribers. Many of them would be interested in trying out your product as they already know your business.

36. Offer discount coupons or extra bonuses via email for early birds. You could also use a phased selling process where the rate goes up by $1 every few hours.

37. Send an email giving buyers a chance to get a partial cashback if they refer their friends.

38. Send follow up emails reminding potential customers of your product, its benefits and how much time they have to buy it.

39. Respond promptly to product-related queries via email. This will assuage people’s doubts and encourage them to take action.

40. Email buyers and ask them for their feedback. This will get the interaction going and lead them to recommend your product to more people.

Audio Visual Marketing for the Win

Audio Visual Marketing for the Win

41. Create a video trailer for your product explaining what it is and how it will help the buyers.

42. Get people to register for a free webinar, at the end of which you can pitch your product and share how it can help them.

43. Conduct audio/video interviews of popular personalities in your niche. This will get more people to your site, and lead to more conversions.

44. Upload testimonial videos from people who have used your product and found it beneficial.

45. Offer free Q & A calls through Google Hangouts where people can clarify their doubts and queries.

46. Do short related videos on Periscope at different times of the day.

47. Start a YouTube channel where you can share the product trailer, how-to-videos, interviews and testimonials.

Take Advantage of Facebook

Take Advantage of Facebook

48. Share about your product on your Facebook page, preferably with a good quality image. You can also pin the post to your timeline, so it’s visible to new followers.

49. Change your Facebook cover image to one that features your product.

50. Share your resources and articles surrounding your product in related Facebook groups that allow members to share links.

51. Create a Facebook group for people who show interest in your product. This will help you interact with them on a personal level.

52. Conduct a contest on Facebook. You could ask a product related questions and the person with the first correct answer will win the product.

53. Do a flash giveaway on Facebook when most of your followers are online. As people to like, comment, or share your page, and pick one of them to win your product.

54. Conduct a Facebook event and give out free door prizes for everyone who attends. You could also do a series of flash giveaways during the event itself.

55. Do flash sales of your product on certain days of the week during your launch.

Tweet Your Heart Out

Tweet Your Heart Out

56. Tweet about your product on a regular basis. You could tweet the link alone with a call to action, or tweet an image of your product.

57. Pin a product-related tweet with a link to the landing page at the top of your Twitter stream.

58. Thank and retweet others who’ve mentioned your product on Twitter, so you build up the interaction.

59. Conduct a Twitter chat with a hashtag synonymous with your product. You could also randomly give out free products to participants.

60. Update your Twitter cover picture to one that incorporates an image of your product.

61. Conduct a Twitter contest with a catchy hashtag to get more visibility and interact with more people.

62. Giveaway your product to those who most interact with you on Twitter.

63. Do a flash sale or give out discount coupons for your Twitter followers.

Pin Your Product on Your Audience’s Mind

Pin Your Product on Your Audience's Mind

64. Ensure that your landing page has a vertical image of your product that can be pinned on Pinterest.

65. Pin your product image on your related Pinterest boards with a call to action in the description.

66. Repin product related images and articles in related group boards that you may be a part of.

67. Start a group board related to your product niche and invite your followers and influencers to join and start pinning on it.

68. Conduct a “Pin it to Win it” contest where participants will have to pin/repin their own pictures or product related images in order to win the product.

Share the Glamour on Instagram

Share the Glamour on Instagram

69. Share pictures of your product with a call to action in the description.

70. Update your Instagram profile with a direct link to your product’s landing page.

71. Promote a product-related hashtag that others can use while sharing their photos of the product.

Link Up with People on LinkedIn

Link Up with People on LinkedIn

72. Share about the product in related LinkedIn groups you are already a part of.

73. Start a new LinkedIn group for people who are interested in your product.

74. Share product-related articles and freebies on your LinkedIn profile.

Go the Advertising Route

Go the Advertising Route

75. Opt for Facebook ads to promote your product to people who fall within a particular demographic.

76. If target audience is on Pinterest, a promoted pin of your product will ensure that Pinterest users see your product on their stream.

77. You can also advertise your product on Instagram. This allows you to insert clickable links to your product within the Instagram post.

78. Make a list of blogs/websites where your audience is active and buy ad space – either for a banner or in the sidebar.

79. Some bloggers accept sponsored posts where you can pay to have an article related to your product published on their blog.

80. Another option is a sponsored review. You will have to pay the blogger a particular sum and give them a free product, which they will review on their site.

81. If there are bloggers in your niche who accept sponsorship for email broadcasts, you can get them to email their followers about your product for about $100 – $200.

82. Some sites also sell ad space on their weekly newsletters. For a varying cost, you might be able to purchase an ad banner, or a product link on the weekly emails that are sent out by popular site owners.

83. If someone is popular on social media, you can get your product mentioned a few times on various social networks for a reasonable price.

84. Register your product landing page with Google ads. This will get your ad visible on a variety of related sites, and often leads to good conversion.

85. Opt for retargeting ads with specific companies. These are online ads that basically follow people who are interested in your product, urging them to buy it.

86. Register for PPC (Pay Per Click) campaigns to get more people to visit your product landing page.

87. Sponsor online/offline events to get more visibility for your brand and product.

88. Register your product on the Google Merchant Center, so it appears in Google shopping search results.

Other Fabulous Ways to Get the Word Out

Other Fabulous Ways to Get the Word Out

89. Create a slideshare of problems people face in your niche, and how your product will help solve them.

90. Offer package deals of your product. For example, when someone buy two products, they get a third one free.

91. Submit a press release that coincides with your product launch.

92. Offer seasonal sales taking advantage of holidays and special days year round.

93. Join bundle sales where your product is offered at a discounted rate along with a host of many other related products.

94. Sell your product on a 3rd party website such as Amazon or eBay to get more exposure.

95. Get the product listed on a directory website for your specific niche.

96. Cross promote your product with another business. You can reach a mutual agreement wherein each business will promote products of the other business on their site or on social media.

97. Promote a pre-launch offer, where people who register for your product before the launch get special free bonuses.

98. Offer additional exclusive freebies for those who buy more than one product.

99. When your product is on sale, submit it to sites that share daily deals.

100. Network on niche related forums and share helpful information that will lead people back to your site, or specifically, your product landing page.

We hope this article has given you some solid ideas that you can implement for your next product launch. You’re sure to see positive results in your product visibility and sales revenue.