Over the past several weeks, we have shared articles and resources to help you build a stronger online presence and get better returns on your investment of money, time and effort.

We’re winding up our Get Intentional with Your Online Business blog series today, with a graphical representation of everything we’ve covered over the past couple of month.

10 Vital Strategies to Get Intentional with Your Online Business

To sum it all up, here are the 10 vital strategies to get intentional with your online business.

1. Answer the Why? How? What? questions for your business.

  • Why does your online business exist?
  • How will you materialize your ‘why’?
  • What services/products will your business provide in order to realize your “how”?

2. Have a proper business plan.

Create a business plan for your online business to map out the direction in which you want to proceed. Include realistic short-term and long-term goals for your business as well.

3. Provide answers to your audience’s questions.

Find out what your audience needs and tailor your products/services to meet that need. Identify gaps in what your competitors have to offer, and strive to fill those gaps through your online business.

4. Be excellent at what you do.

Strive for excellence rather than perfection in your online business. Give your audience your best, and always deliver more than what they wish for.

5. Focus on building your income.

Focus on a few activities that will bring in a regular cashflow for your online business. The profit you gain will give you room to invest more into your business growth.

6. Create systems for your online business.

Identify the various roles you play in your business, and map out the individual tasks under each role. Create systems with checklists for each of those tasks to simplify your online business.

7. Get personal with your audience.

Interact regularly with your audience and build up a personal rapport with them. Let them see the personal side of your life as well, so they connect with you as a person.

8. Network with influencers.

Build strong relationships with big players in your niche by being genuine and helpful. Enhance online conversations among peers and influencers with your valuable input.

9. Get additional help when required.

Keep an eye out for when your online business outgrows your capabilities, and expand your team. Get additional help through outsourcing, or hiring an in-house virtual/physical team.

10. Never stop learning.

Be on the lookout for ways you can learn more about your core area of business and other required skills. Invest some of your time and money to read books, consult with mentors and/or take up courses.

You can simplify your online business by focusing on just the things that matter. I hope this infographic helps you map out the strategies to get intentional with your online business.

Today’s Challenge: Use the infographic shared above to identify areas in your online business that you need to work on.

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