Tools to Help Identify your Strengths

It is essential that you know what your unique strengths and talents are, so you can make the most of it.  Only when you are clear about what your talent is can you turn it into a profit.  Below are a few tools that will help you do just that.  Identifying your strengths requires a time commitment.  I encourage you to set apart an hour or so to work with these tools and discover your true potential.

1. Introspection

This requires you to look inward and take a deeper look at yourself.  In order to aid you, I have created a worksheet with questions that you can work through in a systematic manner.  Download the free worksheet here and jot down your answers in a journal.

2. Mind Maps

Mind maps have been around for ages to help people brainstorm and organize their ideas.  A mind map can prove to be very useful in creating a visual representation of your strengths.  To create a mind map, you need only a notepad, a pencil and a quiet, uncluttered space that will help you concentrate.  If you are more technically oriented, FreeMind is a free mind mapping software that you might find helpful.

The image below is the mind map I created of my own strengths.  Start by writing your name in the middle of the page and include each of the skills you are proficient in as separate branches.  You don’t have to be an expert in a niche to note it down.  As you can see, I have added skills I am an expert in (the green stars) and those that I have a decent, though not expert knowledge about (the partially colored stars).  For each of your skills, branch further – breaking it down into specific subjects as far as possible.

Strengths mind map

When you have completed your mind map, you will have a clearer picture of what your strengths are and possible ways you can profit from them.

3. Strengths & Weaknesses Aptitude Test has a free aptitude test that will help you identify your strengths and your weaknesses.  The test comprises of 84 objective questions and takes only about 10-15 minutes of your time.  At the end of the questionnaire, your results will be displayed on screen.  The results also include a short description of your top 3 strengths and 1 major weakness.  The parameters included in this aptitude test are Determination, Salesmanship, Integrity, Teamwork, Leadership, Focus, and about a dozen others.  I have personally found this test to be an eye-opener!

4. VIA® Me! Character Strengths Profiles & Reports 

When you register for VIA Me, you can use the free, self-assessment tool to create your own character strengths profile.  They also provide a variety of paid reports, personalized according to your strengths that are worth looking into.  You can always take a look at the sample reports before you take the plunge and actually pay for a personalized report of your strengths.

5. The Kolbe Index Test

This is another paid test that measures you method of operation and identifies the ways you will be most productive.  The test includes 36 objective questions that can be answered within 20 minutes.  It is currently priced at $49.95, but you can always check out all that’s included in the sample report before you pay for the test.

Whichever tool you choose to use, the goal is to get a clearer picture of what your unique strengths are.  When you are aware of that, you are one step closer to using your talents to make the most of your life!