I’d like to share what God spoke to me through a book recently – it helped me experience God with more joy! ¬†It’s not something new… but it was kind of new to me… ūüôā

I usually do my Bible study mid-morning, but on some days, my client calls at that time and I have to look into that before digging into the word.  I am glad I get to spend more time during the mid morning sessions, but the stress of the other days start to overshadow the joy of these days!  My Bible study time being delayed often caused me a lot of stress and left me feeling guilty all day.

Daily time with God

I recently started reading a book by Elizabeth George – “Life Management for busy Women”. ¬†It is a good book that will definitely help women come closer to God. ¬†In this book, the author uses the phrase, “Time, first time, early time”. ¬†For the past few weeks,¬† I have been living by that motto, and I have been experiencing God more deeply than ever before!

Here is some insight paraphrased from the book.

1. Time:¬†Spending daily time with God. ¬†This time is well spent and gives us spiritual food for the day. ¬†The discipline of being in God’s word daily will equip us to live out His plan everyday… for life!

2. First time: Giving God the first few minutes of our day. ¬†Proverbs 3 : 9 says “Honor the LORD with your wealth,with the first fruits of all your crops; then your barns will be filled to overflowing, and your vats will brim over with new wine.” ¬†Wow! What a promise! ¬†We are all busy… we complain about the lack of time. ¬†But here, God asks us to honor Him with the first fruits, the first minutes of our day. ¬†If we do, we will be blessed with more time and the time we spend after that will be well used and productive.

3. Early time: Through the Bible and in real life, we find that godly men and women sought God early in the morning; away from the stress that rises during the day. ¬†They earnestly wanted uninterrupted communion with the God. ¬†We see Jesus¬† rising up early and seeking the Heavenly Father many times in the New Testament. ¬†We see David singing, “In the morning, O Lord, You hear my voice; in the morning I lay my requests before you and wait in expectation.” (Psalm 5: 3)

Personally, I find this early time with God before the rush of the day very refreshing and rewarding!

I know many of you are already following this. ¬†You are so very blessed for your consistency… and God simply loves you!

But I want to encourage those who like me tend to delay their time with God, to dig into His word following the phrase, “Time, first time, early time”! ¬†God is waiting for you… eagerly!

I am in the process of creating a Quiet Time Calender for you!  It will be available here as a free download by the end of this week.

Stay tuned.

Update:¬† Here is the link to the ‘Quiet Time Calendar’ printable I promised.¬† And its FREE!