A work at home mom is an expert juggler, plate-spinner, and tight-rope walker. She has a million things to do each day, and she relies on God’s grace and strength to get them done.

She faces a flu bug with the same courage as a tight deadline. On her own, she may be weak. But with God, she is strong.

She makes her plans with purpose, and executes them effectively. She is not always perfect, but she does the best she can.

Dear work at home mom, I know your struggle. I’ve been there… I am there even now! We cannot do it on our own. Let us depend on Christ who makes all things possible.

Here is a small printable I created to encourage and inspire you in your daily work, at home and online.

The Work at Home Mom Manifesto

The Work at Home Mom Manifesto {Free Printable}

Click here to download the printable (PDF format).

Click here to download the image file (JPEG format).

I am a mom.
I am passionate. I love what I do.
I reap what I sow. I make mistakes.
I find rest in God.
My work is art.
I know what I want.
I do what makes me happy.
I love my family. I enjoy my work.
I take calculated risks. I am not afraid.
I finish what I start. I do my best.
I am confident in Christ. I live with purpose.
I know my strengths. I do not fear failure.
I work hard. I pray even harder.
I have what I need. I am God’s beloved.
I am blessed.

I hope and pray these words resonate with you, and motivate you to be your best.

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