“Sunu was easy to work with, affordable, and best of all her strategies were effective! Within a couple of weeks my website went from being lost in cyber space to showing up on page one of Google. I’d definitely work with her again.”

~ Darlene Schacht, NYT best-selling author and blogger

Darlene Schacht
mandy kelly

“When I began putting my story into words – and placing them before readers, Sunu was a huge help. She met with me three times over Skype (at all hours of the day and night!) in order to help me learn what my niche and passion really was. She believed in me and my story- and has helped me get my blog out for others to read. She encouraged me when I wanted to give up, and supported me trough the beginning stages of my blog. I have gone from a couple hundred views a month to well over 5,000 views a month – and all my social media followers and my subscribers have increased too! She is “money in the bank” when it comes to consultation! I wouldn’t trust anyone else!”

~ Mandy Kelly, Worshipful Living

“I wanted to make my art business work for me but I was overwhelmed as to even figure out where to start. I had a lot of ideas but it was a circus in my head as to what to do first. During Sunu’s consultations on Skype she has helped formulate ideas. Sunu directed me as to what needed to be focused on first and then next. She is so full of ideas and so good at making you feel ready to get going, knowing you can do this. She is really a guru for online business set ups. I am so glad I met her! I love Clothed in Scarlet. I would not hesitate to recommend her services and I already have!”

~ Terri West, 153 Paintings

larisa lambert

“Sunu’s expert guidance moved me past a huge business roadblock today! Her assessment of what I needed to do next for my business was right on point and now I’ve got a practical, simple to follow, step-by-step action plan to get to the next place in my business. Thank you, Sunu for so graciously sharing your expertise and understanding of what a one-woman mom/wife/business owner can do to fulfill her purpose and share her passion.”

~ Larisa Lambert Mills, The Writer Editor

I had the privilege and honor of working with Sunu Philip on a group project not long ago and quickly learned how business professional and internet savvy she is. In reviewing her eCourse, 4 Weeks to Sell Your First Product Online, I can honestly say it is a must-have for the blogger, stay-at-home mom, or entrepreneur looking to create a profitable online presence. 4 Weeks to Sell Your First Product Online is packed full of easy-to-follow instructional videos and useful brainstorming worksheets so you can create a product while you work through the course, literally creating and launching your online product in just 4 weeks! Sunu provides professional step-by-step counsel to help you discover your hidden passions. She’ll help you determine if what you love will convert into a viable product, offers inspiration to create your product, and then she walks you through successfully launching your online business! I will definitely be using this eCourse as a blueprint for my next product launch.

~ Rosann Cunningham, RosannCunningham.com


“Not long ago I contacted Sunu about starting a home business. I had read her post on 50 Authentic Online Business Ideas That Actually Work} and was inspired to put my talents to use to help my family earn a second income. What was merely a dream in my heart quickly began to take shape, and by the end of the year it was a reality as I launched my website: Missional Call – a fellowship and resource center for missionaries. Sunu expertly walked me through each phase with precise and well thought out step-by-step instructions. It was obvious as we met online on a weekly basis, that she had prepared for each session ahead of time. She knew what she planned to bring to the table and her obvious talent for teaching made me feel confident that indeed I could do this! I know that you will not only find these modules helpful, you will come away with great confidence that you can put your talents to work for you and produce a quality, marketable product!”

~ Rosilind Jukic, Missional Call


Thank you so much for an incredible series! Your screen shots were amazing, and I know how time consuming they can be. I really appreciate all you did to make this a wonderful and helpful resource!

~ Bonnie Rose Hudson, Write Bonnie Rose

bonnie rose

“All the resources compiled in one place saved me time in research. Although I haven’t gone public with my business yet, this book helped me make informative decisions on how I want to run my business and made planning much easier.”

I have appreciated Sunu’s “freebie marketing” resources so much. I don’t know or understand many of the technical “tricks” of blogging, so the thought of creating an e-book and figuring out how to produce it, market it and share it with my readers and potential readers seems completely daunting to me. But Sunu has taken all of the confusion and worry out of the process. She has created step-by-step instructions for every stage of the process of “freebie marketing.” If you follow her steps, which is what I’m doing, you will be able to create your marketing product and share it with others, with very little hassle and stress. Thanks Sunu.

~ Gaye Christmus, Calm.Healthy.Sexy.

gaye christmus


“I can’t rate this book enough stars! It is packed full of practical and detailed advice to help you through every step of the way of starting your own online business. This is not a “get rich quick” scheme. This is a blueprint for success for turning a passion into a profit online. I do not think I would have ever had the courage to take that leap with my website without it!”

Kimberly Banks

“Hi Sunu- I am just in the “thinking about it” stage, but I’m so glad that you are a trusted resource I can go to for online questions and information. Thank you for taking the time to help out newbies! I really appreciate your expertise and vast knowledge in an area where I am weak. Thank you, friend!”

~ Shonda Knowlton

shonda knowlton

“I just wanted to thank you so much for all this! All your work and insight is appreciated! I have read every one, printed, highlighted and bound in a notebook. Now, time to put it all into place. Thanks again, and God bless!” 

~ Anna S.

“I sell cupcakes and when I started, three years ago, it was something brand new here in Brazil. I didn’t have a business plan and didn’t do a market research either. When I started following the series, many things became clear to me. I had lain my business on a shaky foundation. I mean, I just looked to the great bakers and wanted to get there fast. Your series has blessed my life. I see that staying home is a blessing and I want to help other women to do the same. My friend and I are also planning to create an online kid’s clothing store. We’re slow walking in the series’ footsteps.” 

~ Ana Tay, Feliz em Casa

“I was so happy to have found ’31 days to start an online business’. It was great information that was easy to understand and gave you action items to work on. I liked getting a new email each day with a new topic that motivated me to learn more. I would recommend this to anyone who is thinking about blogging and you have no idea where to start because it is all so overwhelming and like me found myself doing nothing!”

Michelle Morton

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I found the author’s blog serendipitously surfing the web. I immediately signed up for her newsletter, downloaded the free reports, and even signed up for her business e-course. The quality of the materials is very good, and very actionable. Highly recommend.

– LibraryGirl2014


Thank you. You put together an amazing, educational and resource packet course! I just finished going through all the material – I was a little behind due to other obligations. I was incredibly challenged by the material to focus first and foremost on what God wants me to do and how I can use the skills and talents he has given me to bless others. After that it was putting all of those ideas into the framework you provided to help me sort through and flush out the best opportunity for me. I do have many ideas but as you indicated I have to start with one and the others will come.

Your e-course, 4 Weeks To Sell Your First Product Online is clearly written out of a heart and gift from God. You broke out every step of developing a product an/or idea from concept through implementation and in addition provided invaluable resources, suggestions and links to help with the development and research processes. It could have taken weeks just to find some of the resources and sites you so freely provided in your e-course – let alone all of the guidance for developing my idea. Thank you for sharing your experience and insight into online product sales. Your course is at $1.00 or best offer and it is easily worth much, much more! Thank you for sharing  your heart and knowledge!
Kindest Regards,
Lindsey Schmitz

“Thank you so much for this information Sunu. I had heard about Freebie Marketing, but was not sure how to use it. I am new to on-line business, and am happy to have found you! I’m heading out now to check out the other posts in this series, don’t want to miss any!”

~ Anna, natureshomespa.blogspot.com

“Thank you SO MUCH for your generosity and willingness to share your knowledge and expertise. These kinds of posts take TIME to put together – and we’re the benefactors. I APPRECIATE you!”

~ Michelle, A Swirl Girl

“Sunu, I have been finding this series so helpful and came back to spend some time visiting and learning. You are SUCH a blessing!!”

~ Judith, WholeHearted Home