9 Ways to Increase Website Visitors with Local SEO
If you own a local business, local SEO can do wonders for you. There are tons of SEO techniques you can adapt to get more visitors to your website.

Simply put, local SEO is a way for people in your location to find your business. Let’s look at some ways you can get more local visitors to your business website.

1. Well Optimized Website

If you want to get more people to visit your site, it has to be well optimized. We’ve already covered how you can increase your website traffic with SEO. But for local SEO, you need to go deeper.

Identify keywords pertaining to your website that include your location. Then incorporate a mixture of these keywords in your website content.

Here’s a screenshot of a Google search engine result for my local business:

Optimized Website
If anybody is searching for my business in Cochin, they’ll be sure to find my website right there. This means more people are likely to click through the search engine results and visit the website.

2. Google Business Listing

Google is without doubt a pioneer among search engines. The majority of your target audience uses it quite often for every question under the sun.

Make sure you’ve claimed the Google listing for your business. You will have to update the listing with your website, address, phone number and working hours.

Google Business Listing
When someone searches for your business on Google, your listing will be displayed with distinct buttons for your website and directions to your place. There’s a good chance that people will click the button and land up on your website, thereby increasing your site traffic.

3. Facebook Page

Facebook is one of the most popular social media channels worldwide, so getting a Facebook page for your business is a must. The page needs to be updated with a direct link to your website, a description of your business, the exact location and contact details.

Facebook Page
You can also create a call to action right on your Facebook page, asking followers to check out your website. This ensures that you get more site visitors from Facebook.

Permit check-ins on your Facebook page. This way when someone checks into your business location, people in their friend circle get to know about your business.

Take time to also regularly engage with your audience on Facebook. This gains you more visibility and allows other people to find you online.

4. Local Directories

Every city has a bunch of online directories, categorized by the exact geographical location. Most of these local online directories allow you to list your business for free.

Local Directories
Register your business profile in a few reputed online directories pertaining to your region, and update it with a few intrinsic details such as:

  • Business Name
  • Website
  • Address
  • PIN Code
  • Phone Number
  • Email ID
  • Logo (if any)

5. Bing Places Listing

While Google is the more popular search engine, Bing has quite a good following as well. Claim your Bing Places listing and update it with your business name, website, address and other contact details.

Bing Places Listing
The next time someone uses Bing to search for your business niche in your area, your business will pop up in their search results. They can click through to view your website and check out your exact location as well.

Here’s the list of countries where Bing Places is currently active:

  • Australia
  • Austria
  • Brazil
  • Canada
  • China
  • Germany
  • Hong Kong
  • India
  • Italy
  • Mexico
  • Spain
  • Switzerland
  • Taiwan
  • United Kingdom
  • United States of America

6. Blogging

Having an updated blog is a great way to build quality content that ranks well with search engines. You can use blogging as a tool to get more local visitors to your business website.

You can blog about events related to your niche that are happening in your city, conferences that you are attending or even interesting things to do in your locality.

For example, a real estate business can blog about:

  • A real-estate convention that is happening in the city
  • Open houses that they are holding in specific localities
  • Hot selling properties that people would love to take a look at

7. Guest Contributions

Guest Contributions
Publishing articles on external websites that have good domain authority enables you to get quality links back to your website. Scope out a few local blogs/websites that accept guest contributions and email them some article pitches.

Write quality articles that will resonate with their audience, and you’ll be sure to have many visitors checking out your website. While linking back to your site, make sure you don’t over-optimize keywords, but rather link back with a phrase or sentence.

8. Twitter Profile

Twitter isn’t as popular as Facebook, but it does help local businesses. Update your Twitter profile with a link to your website and your location as well. Engage with your Twitter audience on a regular basis to keep them interested in your business.

Twitter Profile
Enable location sharing on your profile, so your location is appended every time tweet. You can also use hashtags with your location to get more visibility on Twitter.

9. FourSquare Page

FourSquare is one social network that makes it easy for people to check in to the locations they are visiting. Get your business registered on FourSquare, and be sure to update it with links to your website and other social media channels.

FourSquare Page
Every time someone searches FourSquare for businesses in your niche, your page will pop up and they will most likely click through and view your website as well. When someone checks into your business, their friends will get to know about your business too, which is an added bonus.

As you can see, optimizing your business using local SEO techniques is not rocket science. Just pick up a couple of avenues from the list above and get started. With consistent effort, it’s only a matter of time before you see local visitors pouring into your website.

This was the last article in our blog series on building your website traffic from scratch. We hope you’ve acquired at least a handful of tactics that you can start applying on your website right away.

Have fun doing the small things now, and watch the big results coming your way soon!

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