Everywhere you turn for inspiration, you hear these ‘highly philosophical’ words…  Follow your passion…  Find your purpose and live happily!  You ask yourself, “What passion? What purpose?”  After racking your brain for a while, you come to the conclusion that this is probably not for you.  You give up trying to make sense of it all and go back to life’s drudgery, living life without a sense of accomplishment

Have you been there?  Well, I certainly have!  I struggled with feeling lifeless and unmotivated, lacking the spark to keep me going.  However, over the last few years, God showed me the source of my problem.  I felt lethargic and unmotivated because I didn’t have passion or a purpose in my life!

Identify your Passion and Purpose in God

If there is one thing that seems to be in short supply these days, it is passion.  We see people going about their life doing things but not really enjoying them.  We see hundreds of workmen grudgingly going to work but hating what they do, because they have no real passion, no real motivation, no real calling…

In Luke 4: 43 , Jesus says,

“I must preach the kingdom of God to the other cities also, because for this purpose I have been sent.”

Jesus was very passionate and had a clear idea of His purpose in life.

Another example is Paul and his ministry to the gentiles.  He was so passionate about his ministry that he was ready to give up anything, put up with any persecution to win as many people as possible to Christ.

All through the Bible, we see that godly people who were passionate and had a purpose, were motivated to move forward despite hardships.

So what is passion?

Passion is a God given desire, a yearning to make a difference in a particular area or ministry.  This longing in our hearts is like a magnet that attracts us into that area even without our conscious knowledge.

The Merriam Webster dictionary defines ‘passion’ as:  Intense, driving, or overmastering feeling or conviction; ardent affection; a strong liking or desire for or devotion to some activity, object, or concept.

Passion is a driving force.  It is what gave Christ strength to endure unbearable pain and suffering.  Apostles and missionaries over the years have been so passionate that they even died for their cause.  Passion makes our life worth living and gives us a purpose to live and die for.

It compels you to act… forces you to get out of your comfort zone.

In order to find your passion and purpose, you need to look inward and see what truly inspires you – what makes you feel live.  The process is quite simple, but it may take you a while to process it.  The time spent identifying your passion however, will not be in vain.  I guarantee that!

So go somewhere quiet, far away from distractions, put on some soothing music if you prefer and tackle these questions sincerely.  (Don’t forget do switch off the mobile phone before you begin!)

6 Indicators to Identify Your Passion and Purpose In God

1. What one subject do you enjoy talking about for hours together?

We like to talk about things that we love and know we are good at.  We feel energized and excited and our talk soon turns animated.  Think back; have you had a chat like that recently?  Try to recall the topics you spoke about and note them down in your journal.

2. What stirs you and makes you feel alive?

We all feel it, something building up inside us when we see or experience a situation; an urge to do something about it.  I am sure there have been occasions in life when something has evoked strong feelings from you.  Often, these are in a way tied to your passion.  Take time to look back and pen down what caused it.  I know these answers won’t come to you in a single day, but after much introspection, you will be able to recollect it all.

3. What activity makes you lose track of time?

Think about those activities that you really enjoy doing and long to keep doing.  Activities where you get so immersed that time simply fly by – jot them down.

4.  What does God want you to do?

Building up your relationship with God should be your first priority.  God will speak to you personally (yes!!), through the Bible, various situations and even other people.  What is God asking you to do NOW?  God will never ask you to do something unless it is that for which you were created.

5. What desires or plans has God placed in your heart?

The desires and plans we have for ourselves don’t just randomly come to us.  They are unique to each of us and these desires speak about the real you and your passions.  Write them down in your journal.

6. What makes you cry?

We humans are highly emotional beings, even though many claim otherwise.  We cry when we are sad, happy and when we are emotionally touched.  The situations or things that makes us cry are often about things we are passionate about.  So crying is a big indicator!  What touched you so deeply that you cried recently?

Discovering your passion and purpose is necessary when you are walking with God.  You have a role to play in the church of God – your true passion will be in alignment with who God created you to be.  And it all starts with our families, where we nurture and support them as God intended.

Proverbs 31 portrays a true godly woman.  She is someone we all aspire to be like.  In that passage we see the lady leading a passionate and purposeful life while taking care of her family.  She uses whatever talents, skills and strengths she has to provide for her family at all times – even when it snows, she has nothing to fear!

This has become my passion as well and it’s been a continuous process.  God gave me a vocation to support my husband financially while staying home with my son.  He gave me skill-sets and experiences to match my purpose.  It was however, a slow learning process.  6 years ago, I was a computer illiterate; now I know how to code a website.  I was a teacher by profession, I am now an internet marketing consultant!

Eventually God placed another desire in my heart – this website. (The vision for this website has been brewing in me for quite some time, but never materialized.  I will share that story in another post… coming soon!)

This website has been started with a mission to equip women use their talents, strengths and skill-sets to clothe their household in Scarlet in times of need – spiritually and financially.  This is now my passion!

More Resources to Discover Your Passion and Purpose

I have created a workbook that you can download for free.  It is intended to help you discover your God-given passion and purpose.  You can download it here – Discover Your Passion and Purpose {Free Workbook}

I recently came across a video series by Beth Moore at LifeToday.  It is simply awesome!

“God’s Kingdom Purpose For You” – Beth Moore


You can watch the entire series here: God’s Kingdom Purpose For You Series – Part 1, Part 2, Part 3, Part 4 , Part 5

God had a definite plan and purpose when He created you.  You were not created randomly; take time to look into your life and discover that.  It might take a while, a few days perhaps…  Ask for God’s guidance as you work on discovering your unique purpose and passion.

Your passion will spur you to live the life God wants you to live!

God is with you,