How to Set Up a Subscriber Freebie using AWeber

The past two tutorials I shared were related to free email services you could use to setup your subscriber freebie. Today, we’ll be looking at a paid, yet affordable email service that offers a host of premium features.

AWeber is an email service that integrates well with a host of other applications. Right now they have a $1 trial for the first month beyond which you’ll be charged $19 per month. This price is for upto 500 subscribers; as your subscriber list grows, so will the monthly fees.

Now, on to the tutorial…

How to Set Up a Subscriber Freebie using AWeber

Step 1: Sign up for an AWeber account.

Go to the AWeber sign up page. Select your pricing plan, and enter you account details and billing information. When you complete the order, you will be shown an upsell offer of an eBook. Click ‘No, thanks’. Your order will go through, and you will be charged $1 for the trial.

Sign up page

Step 2: Login to AWeber.

You should receive an email with your login credentials. Go to the AWeber login page and sign in with the details you received via email.

Sign in

You will be greeted with a welcome video which you can skip. You will then be asked to enter some more information about yourself. Fill in those details and click ‘Next’.

Fill details

Step 3: Create your list.

You will be taken to the page where you create your list. Fill in the details about your subscriber list and click the ‘Next Step’ button.

Create list

You then have to approve your confirmation message – the very first email that subscribers receive when they sign up. You can choose a pre-approved subject from the dropdown or request approval for a custom subject line. (It might take up to several hours to get it approved.)

Approve confirmation message

Verify the content of the confirmation message. You can edit each section to personalize the text. Then click ‘Save Settings’.

Confirmation message body

Step 4: Set up the sign up form.

You will automatically be directed to the Sign Up Forms page. Click the ‘Create Your First Sign Up Form’ button.

Sign up form

Select your preferred sign up form template and click the ‘Load Template’ button.

Load template

The template will be loaded in edit mode. Several customization options are available to customize each aspect of the form. Just play around with it until you get the desired look.

Edit form

Click the ‘Save Your Form’ button and then the ‘Go To Step 2’ button.

Save form

In step 2, you will have to customize the form settings – choose a name for the form, enable Facebook integration (if required) and set up the ‘Thank You’ page. You can select one of the several pre-designed ‘Thank You’ pages from the dropdown, or enter the URL of your custom ‘Thank You’ page in the space provided.

Form settings

Click ‘Advanced Settings’ and verify that the ‘Start On Message’ is set to ‘Welcome Message (1st Follow Up)’. Click the ‘Save Your Form’ button and then click the ‘Go To Step 3’ button.

Advanced settings

Step 5: Install the form.

In Step 3, you will be given options to install the form on your site. Click on the ‘I Will Install My Form’ option.

Install form

Copy the Javascript code snippet and paste it wherever you want the sign up box to appear on you website.

Copy code

Note that in MailChimp, the code automatically fills in the space allotted for it on your site. But in AWeber, you will have to play around with the form size in the designer to get the desired width and height.

Step 6: Set up the follow up messages.

Select ‘Messages’ on the top menu bar.


Click on the ‘Create Your First Follow Up’ button. You will be taken to the message editor.

Follow up message

Type in your email subject, and drag/drop the elements you want inside your email. Edit the email content to include a link to your subscriber freebie.

Edit email

When you’re done editing the message, click ‘Save’ first and then ‘Next’.

Save message

Ensure that ‘Click Tracking’ is enabled. Then click ‘Save & Exit’.

Click tracking

The first email to your subscribers (after subscription confirmation) has been set up. You can create more follow up emails if you prefer.

Follow up emails

And, you’re done! When a visitor signs up using the AWeber form on your website, they will be sent the confirmation email. Once they click the link and confirm their subscription, the series of follow up emails will be delivered to them as scheduled.

Today’s Challenge: Look into the possibility of using AWeber as your email service for subscriber freebies.

Have you ever used AWeber before?
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