How to Decide on Your Freebie - 5 Tips

We’ve started a series on freebie marketing, and I will be sharing a lot of information on how you can create and setup a free resource for your audience.

Freebies can range from a simple graphic printable to an entire eBook. You will have to take a look at a variety of factors to determine which format will work well for your business. 

What to know how to decide on your freebie? Here are 5 tips.

1. Popular Keywords

If you want your freebie to have maximum reach, it’s best to check out what will be a hit with the search engines. You can use the Google Keyword Planner to find out popular keywords in your niche and build a freebie around that.

For example, if your niche is photography, you might find that ‘newborn portraits’ is a popular keyword. You can then think of resources you can offer for free that will incorporate that keyword. You could offer a free checklist for parents to get their newborns ready for the photo session, or you could even write a short eBook with tips on how to photograph newborns.

2. Your Audience’s Need

Take a look at what your audience needs from you. No matter how much time and effort you put into creating a freebie, if it does not solve a particular need for your audience, they will not opt for it. Do a little background research to find out what they are looking for. You can poll your regular readers, email your customers and then decide on a freebie based on their input.

3. The Current Trend

Another way to decide on a freebie is to check out what is trending in your niche right now. Check out which of your competitor’s freebies are getting more social shares. Have a look at what your audience is repinning. If people seem to be sharing a lot of printables, then that’s the way to go. A basic look at what’s a hit right now will help you decide on which format your freebie should be.

4. Your Expertise

The type of freebie you are planning to create should fall well within your area of expertise. This includes not only the niche-specific knowledge, but also the technical know-how to create the freebie itself. If you want to write an eBook, you should have a basic command of the language, and know how to use a word processor. A printable will require that you have some basic knowledge on how to work with fonts and graphics. You can always hire a little extra help if required, but you need to have the basic skills to at least create a sample freebie.

5. Limiting Factors

All said and done, you are human and you will have limitations. You need to consider the time, money and effort you are putting in to create the freebie itself. It should all be worth it in the end. For example, it will not be feasible to offer free samples of your physical product to newsletter subscribers, because you will have to pay for shipping. You should be able to justify the time, money and effort you are spending to create your freebie.

The easiest way to give your customers a freebie is to offer it online. Next week, I’ll be sharing the different types of freebies available online, and later, we’ll go deeper into step by step tutorials to create some of those freebies.

Today’s Challenge: Brainstorm and finalize on a freebie idea.

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