Gift Ideas for the Work at Home Mom

As a mother who’s working from home, I have quite a few things on my wishlist. Perhaps you have a friend or family member who works from home, balancing her job and home.

Here are some Christmas gift ideas for the work at home mom in your life.

1. A Planner

I know a lot of women (including myself) who love a new planner. There’s something about opening a new planner that emphasizes the fresh start that the coming year can bring. A good-quality hard-bound daily planner might prove to be very useful for work at home moms.

Here are some other planners you can purchase online:

2. Books

Who doesn’t love a new book? With the advent of eReaders and eBooks it is even easier to gift a loved one a book they’ll find useful. If you aren’t able to purchase a physical book, you could always gift them a Kindle book or an Amazon gift certificate. Another option would be to purchase an eBook and email it to them.

Here are some eBooks I recommend:

3. Courses

Most work at home moms do not have the opportunity to be trained on the job. They have to find their own ways to hone their skills. More and more people are understanding the need for courses that they can attend in the comfort of their own homes. Find an eCourse that’s specific to the niche they are in and purchase it for them.

Here’s a sampling of some eCourses that are available online:

4. A Conference Ticket

Perhaps there’s someone you know who’s dying to attend a conference, but hesitates because of the price tag. You can buy them a ticket as a Christmas gift! There are a variety of conferences that cover areas such as Faith, Motherhood, Blogging, Business and Writing. Take your pick and go buy a ticket!

5. Meal Planning Help

Another great gift idea is help with meal planning. With all the new menu planning websites, it’s becoming easier for us to plan our meals on a regular basis and avoid the late evening panic. A Plan to Eat subscription would be a great gift for a mother who struggles in this area.

6. A Little R & R

Work at home moms juggle their family, work and home management tasks simultaneously. Here are some things you can gift her, so she can have her me-time, to get herself refreshed and rejuvenated.

  • Gift certificate to a spa
  • A movie subscription
  • A Gift basket (containing notepads, pens, markers, body spray, hand lotions and massage oils)

  • Online or offline movie tickets
  • Gift certificate to a clothing or lifestyle store (this is something I personally would love as I consider shopping a stress buster!)

I know these gift ideas barely scratch the surface of gifts you can give a work at home mom. What more would you add to the list?