When starting an online business, you need to get started with the right perspective. I tell you how in this article.
Today, we’re diving right into our latest blog series, Get Intentional with Your Online Business! 

When you’re starting an online business (or even a blog, for that matter) it’s important to get started with the right perspective. We do know the importance of planning ahead, but often gloss over the planning phase and get right down to the actual work.

I too am guilty of charging full steam ahead, wanting to get things done without actually thinking them through!

Let’s look at the three important questions you can ask yourself to straighten your business perspective.


It is essential to start an online business/blog that has a “Why?” attached to it. Why do you want to start it? What is the purpose behind your business? Your reason has to go beyond just making money for yourself, or keeping you occupied. You’ll have to think about ways your business can make a radical difference in the world.

When the answer to your why is focused not just on yourself, but on those you’re trying to help, your business will truly be one that matters to your target audience.

But what if you already have a business without a vision? It’s never too late to get your ducks in a row! Identify why your business/blog exists and bring the vision back into your business.


They second question builds upon your why. How will you materialize your why? How will your business be set apart from others similar to it? For example, let’s say you want to start an online kids clothing shop.

Your “why” will be:

I am starting a kids clothing shop to help parents shop for their kids clothes from the comfort of their own homes.

Your “how” will be:

I will start designing and selling modest, comfortable and inexpensive clothes for children.

Your “how” will give you more direction on how you want your business to proceed.


The “what” question also builds upon your previous two questions. What services/products will your business provide in order to realize your “how”?

Taking the same example as above, your “what” can include specific products such as:

  • Capris for girls
  • Boy shorts
  • Woolen wear

By answering these three questions, you will get better clarity on how your business will proceed. You can then break down each of the items listed under the “what” section into goals, and start working on them.

When you get started with the right perspective, your business will last longer and will be an inspiration. Even if you already have an established blog/business, spend a few minutes to answer the Why? How? and What? questions for yourself.

Note down your answers, so you can always refer back to them for inspiration. They will actually come to your rescue at times when you feel stuck, if your business reaches a standstill or if you start feeling overwhelmed.

Today’s Challenge: Answer the Why, How, and What questions for your own blog/business.

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