Do you run an online business? Here are 101 free online tools to help you grow your online business.
We are blessed to live in an age where there are tools to simplify just about any task on the planet. And it’s no different with your online business. There are dozens of free online tools to help you with every aspect of setting up and maintaining your online business.

After a bit of extensive research, I have come up with 101 free online tools to help you grow your online business. Check them out below!


Portent Title Generator
1. Portent Title Generator – Generates ideas for your next blog post, and suitable titles.

2. BuzzSumo – Helps you find content related to your niche that will perform well for your audience.

3. Content Strategy Helper – A spreadsheet based tool to help you identify content you can share.

4. Copyscape – Helps you search the web for copies of your content.

5. Google Alerts – Helps you monitor the web for interesting content related to your chosen niche.

6. Delicious – Helps you discover, save and organize interesting articles on the web.

7. Hubspot’s Blog Topic Generator – Generates a week’s worth of blog post titles with the words you enter.

8. Kill Writer’s Block – Helps you come up with SEO friendly article titles related to your keyword.

9. Emaze – Helps you create amazing presentations from professionally designed templates.

10. Prezi – Helps you create publicly visible presentations that you can present and collaborate with on their website.

11. Online-Convert – Online file converter that converts documents, images, audio and video from one format to another.

12. ContentGems – Sends you curated content for the topics you specify, that you can use to inspire your own content writing.

13. Doc 2 PDF – Converts a Word document into PDF format.

14. Small PDF – Converts images, documents, spreadsheets, and slideshows into PDF files.

Audio & Video

15. PowToon – Helps you create animated videos and presentations.

16. YouTube My Webcam – Records from your webcam and publishes the video directly to your YouTube account.

17. Animoto – Creates 30 second long videos and slide-shows from your photos.

18. Vocaroo – Allows you to create an audio recording right from your browser.

19. Screencast-O-Matic – Allows you to record a screencast of up to 15 minutes.

20. Audacity – Free audio software to record and edit audio files.

21. WeVideo – Allows you to create, edit and share videos online.


Keyword Planner
22. Google Keyword Planner – Helps you find out which keywords are most popular within your niche how well they perform.

23. Google Trends – Shows you what is trending for the topics you specify.

24. Ubersuggest – Find the most popular online search terms for your keywords.

25. SEO Toolbar – Pulls useful marketing data from websites you visit to help you gain a better understanding of a site’s SEO ranking.

26. On Page Optimization Tool – Scans your webpage for specified keywords and allows you to review the information that is picked up by search engines.

27. Side-by-Side SEO Comparison Tool – Allows you to scan your webpage and a competitor’s webpage side-by-side, to see how they compare with respect to SEO.

Social Media

Social Crawlytics
28. Social Crawlytics – Helps you identify social influencers in your niche and their most-shared content.

29. Feedly – Helps you keep a running list of all the sites that you want to share content from on social media.

30. Pocket – Allows you save interesting articles that you can later share with your audience.

31. Followerwonk – Helps you find more about your followers and influencers in your niche on Twitter.

32. Social Mention – Helps you track what people are saying about your business across various social medial channels in real time.

33. SharedCount – Tracks the number of times your content has been shared across various social media channels.

34. Pin Count – Helps you find the number of times a page/post on your site has been pinned on Pinterest.

35. Bitly – Shortens article links so they are more feasible for social media sharing.

36. TweetDeck – Helps you maintain several Twitter accounts, and keep track of particular topics, events and hashtags on Twitter.


37. Poetica – A browser-based text editor that allows you to give and receive feedback on written articles in real-time.

38. Draft – Helps you maintain versions of your written content and collaborate with other writers.

39. Wridea – Helps you keep track of your ideas, organize them, share them with friends, and improvise on them.

40. Word Counter – Tells you how many words and characters are present in your content, along with the keyword density.

41. oTranscribe – Enables you to easily transcribe audio/video files, and YouTube videos right in your browser.

42. TextCleanr – Cleans the formatting from text you want to copy/paste from one application to another.


Awesome Screenshot
43. Awesome Screenshot – Takes a screenshot of an entire web page or a portion of it.

44. – Easily create infographics using ready-made templates.

45. – Helps you create online charts and infographics.

46. MW Snap – Takes screenshots of any program on your computer.

47. Patternizer – Helps you generate creative patterns for your graphic needs.

48. PicResize – Enables you to easily crop, resize and edit your images online.

49. Wordle – Generates word clouds from text you provide.

50. – Helps you create infographics and presentations for your business.

51. iCharts – Helps you design interactive charts for public sharing.

Web Design

52. Coolers – Generates random color palettes to help you decide on your website colors.

53. What The Font – Identifies the font used in a particular image.

54. ColorHexa – Provides an encyclopedia of colors to help you with your website design.

55. ColorCombos – Grabs all the colors used in a particular website.

56. Check My Colours – Verifies if the foreground and background colors of a website have sufficient contrast.

57. – Displays the input text in all the fonts on your computer.

58. Color.HailPixel – Helps you create color swatches for your web design.

59. PageSpeed Insights – Analyzes a web page and suggests improvements to make the page load faster.

60. GTmetrix – Analyzes the speed and performance of your website.

61. What WordPress Theme Is That – Helps you detect the WordPress theme and plugins that a specified site uses.

62. BrowserStack – Gives you screenshots of how your website will look on different browsers.

63. Browser Shots – Provides screenshots of your website when viewed on different browsers and operating systems.


64. Piwik – An open source web analytics platform that helps you gain insight on your website visits and marketing campaigns.

65. Google Analytics – The best analytics dashboard to keep track of your website analytics.

66. Pingdom – Checks the load time of you webpage and analyzes bottlenecks that may be slowing it down.

67. StatCounter – Monitors real-time user activity on your website.

68. Uptime Robot – Sends you notifications whenever your website goes down.

Email Management

Boomerang for Gmail
69. Boomerang – Helps you schedule emails to send later, enable read receipts, and track responses within your Gmail account.

70. Rapportive – Gives you more information about your contacts inside your Gmail inbox.

71. – Helps you test an e-mail address to ensure that it is working.

72. WeTransfer – Allows you to tranfer large files (up to 2 GB) via email.

73. Email Format – Helps you find the email address formats used in a variety of companies.

74. Follow Up Then – An email reminder service that sends follow up emails.

75. Wise Stamp – Includes an email signature in your outgoing emails.

76. Unroll.Me – Helps you clean up your inbox by compiling all your incoming subscription emails into a daily digest.


77. Wunderlist – Helps you create to-do lists, and share them with others.

78. Todoist – Helps you keep track of your to-do list across various devices.

79. Tomato Timer – A web-based timer based on the Pomodoro technique.

80. Dayboard – Helps you jot down your 5 most important tasks for each day.

81. Toggl – Keeps track of how much time you spend on each task during your work day.

82. LeechBlock – A Firefox add-on that restricts access to specified websites during your working hours.

Project Management

83. Asana – Helps you create projects, allocate tasks and keep track of their status along with your team.

84. Trello – A project management tool to help you effectively plan your projects with your team.

85. Convo – Helps you collaborate with your team members on your latest project.

86. Evernote –  Keeps track of all your notes, research, and tasks in an organized manner.


87. – An online personal scheduling assistant that helps you schedule your meetings with ease.

88. Google Calendar – Helps you create and manage your events on a number of calendars, with the ability to share calendars them with others.

89. 30 Boxes – An online calendar to tag and keep track of all your scheduled events, and even share them with a buddy.

90. SetMore – A scheduling tool that helps you manage your appointments and team schedules.


91. Yugma – Enables you to host a web conference with 1 attendee for 30 minutes.

92. Skype – A free audio/video calling tool that also allows you to share screens and transfer files.

93. Google Hangouts – Allows you to conduct live conversations with an individual, or as a group.

94. HipChat – Allows you to chat with an individual or a group, across a variety of devices.

95. GoToMeeting – Conduct an online audio/video meeting with screen-sharing for upto 3 participants.

File Storage

96. Box – Gives upto 10 GB secure storage with 250 MB upload size for a single user.

97. Amazon S3 – Scalable, free data storage up to 5 GB for a period of 12 months.

98. Google Drive – Create, store and share documents, slideshows, spreadsheets, forms and drawings upto 15 GB.

99. Dropbox – Provides upto 2 GB of free storage space with the ability to share individual files/folders with others.


100. LastPass – Remembers your passwords for different websites and apps.

101. Coffitivity – Generates ambient sounds to keep your creative juices flowing.

Wow! That’s a LOT of tools…! Have you found a couple you’re planning to use? Let me know which in the comments below.

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