Dingbat fonts are just so cool! Here are 16 free fabulous dingbat fonts to make your images sizzle.
Everybody loves free, right?! And it’s even better if something free can actually help you in some way or the other. Keeping that in mind, I’ll be sharing freebies all month long at Clothed In Scarlet. Our previous Freebie Month was in April and it was a huge success.

This month, I’ll be sharing a host of all new freebies that to help you with your business and blogging. Do keep an eye out on our social media networks too, where I’ll be posting any freebies I come across!

Fonts are cool! And in my opinion, dingbat fonts… are way cooler! Dingbats add just the little extra you need to make your images sizzle. I’ve compiled some extraordinary dingbat fonts to make your graphics extra-amazing!

16 Free Fabulous Dingbat Fonts

  1. Bergamot Ornaments
  2. Laurus Nobilis
  3. Vintage Christmas
  4. Sepeda
  5. PW Toonz
  6. Tribal Butterflies
  7. KG Heart Doodles
  8. Nymphette
  9. Vintage Frames
  10. Xmas Clipart
  11. Damask Dings
  12. Happy Day Dingbats
  13. Faux Snow
  14. Seperates
  15. MTF Funk Fusion
  16. PW Icons

These fonts are all free for personal use. Do check the terms of use for each font before using them for commercial purposes.