Here are 400 free awesome clip art graphics that you can use to spruce up your images.

In this post I share a whole lot of free clip art graphics that you can use to spruce up your images. All these images are free for personal use. Do check the terms of use before using them for commercial purposes. Some of these images may also require attribution or a link back, crediting the image creator.

If the clip art is in vector format, you will require Adobe Illustrator or Inkscape (free tool) to edit it.

Daisy Watercolor {Set of 5}

Daisy Watercolor
Hand Drawn Laurels {Set of 7}

Hand Drawn Laurels
Spring Graphics {Set of 8}

Spring Graphics
Lace Doilies {Set of 9}

Lace Doilies
Vintage Clip Art {Set of 8}

Baby Shower Clip Art {Set of 15}

Baby Shower Clip Art
Hand Drawn Hearts {Set of 25}

Hand Drawn Hearts
Bistro Kit {Set of 25}

Bistro Kit
Vector Cupcakes {Set of 5}

Vector Cupcakes
Seasonal Clouds {Set of 4}

Seasonal Clouds
Valentine’s Day Clip Art

Valentine's Day Clip Art
Watercolor Clip Art {Set of 8}

Wedding Cake

Wedding Cake

Cupcake Cafe {Set of 18}

Cupcake Cafe
Vintage Flower {Set of 2}

Vintage Flower
Bride and Groom

Bride and Groom
Mason Jars {Set of 3}

Mason Jars
Hurricane Lamp

Hurricane Lamp
Japanese Fans {Set of 6}

Japanese Fans
Feather Clip Art {Set of 11}

Feather Clip Art
Love Vector Set {Set of 25}

Love Vector Set
Modern Flowers and Butterflies

Modern Flowers and Butterflies
Cozy Winter Kit {Set of 15}

Cozy Winter Kit
Cake Doodles {Set of 2}

Cake Doodles
Baby Boy Bundle {Set of 10}

Baby Boy Bundle

Snowflake Graphics {Set of 10}

Snowflake Graphics
Flowers and Laurels {Set of 16}

Flowers and Laurels
Easter Eggs {Set of 10}

Easter Eggs
Owls in Love

Owls in Love
Vintage Doilies {Set of 3)

Vintage Doilies
Vintage Christmas {Set of 10}

Vintage Christmas
Clock Graphic

Clock Graphic
Baby Girl Bundle {Set of 10}

Baby Girl Bundle
Space Clip Art {Set of 20}

Space Clip Art
Sand Castle

Sand Castle
Vector Birdies {Set of 4}

Vector Birdies
Kids Clip Art {Set of 8}

Kids Clip Art
Vector Ornaments {Set of 5}

Vector Ornaments
Marine Animals {Set of 6}

Marine Animals
Variety Clip Art {Set of 15}

Variety Clip Art
Summer Flowers {Set of 46}

Summer Flowers
Summer Clip Art {Set of 8}

Vintage Images {Set of 8}

Will you be using any of these graphics in your images? I sure hope you do!