Day 13: How to Set Up Your Website

In this article we’re going to help you get your website up and running.  Please remember that this does not include the web designing aspect which we will be discussing in the coming days.

Our aim is to set up a customized ‘Coming Soon’ landing page that people will see when they visit your domain name until your design is done.  You can follow the steps given below to get it done in no time.

I have provided videos for each step to help you get a clearer picture.  These videos were not created by me but they serve as good reference material to guide you through the entire process.

At this point you should have registered your domain and chosen your web host.  You can then proceed with the following steps.

Step 1: Buy the Web Hosting Package

The first step is to purchase web hosting space from a hosting company.  You can watch this video to know the details of everything that is involved in this process.

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A few things to note:

  • The link mentioned in the video is the affiliate link of the video’s creator.  You can visit BlueHost directly as well.
  • $2.95 per month will be applied only if you go for the 36 month option.  The price will be $4.95 if you opt for 12 months.  There is no option to pay per month at BlueHost.
  • You can also go with the free domain option.  My suggestion is that your business domain name should not be tied up with your hosting plan.  If you want to use the free option, go for it but get another domain that can act as your base – that’s what I have done.

Step 2: Point Your Domain to Your Web Host

You have to perform this step if your domain is registered outside the web host company.  You have to configure the name server of your domain and make it point to your web host; only then will your web space and domain name be linked.  The video below illustrates the process with GoDaddy as the domain registrar and BlueHost as the web host.  Log in to your GoDaddy account and follow the steps mentioned in this video.

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The steps will vary slightly from one domain registrar to another.  You can search for videos similar to this one to guide you, or you can contact their customer support and get them to do it for you.

Step 3: Set up a ‘Coming Soon’ Page

When you visit your domain address at this point, you will taken to the Bluehost parked page that shows that the site is coming up.  It is now time to decide what sort of website you want to host.  Is it a blog platform like WordPress or a template based site?  Or do you want to develop it with other content management systems like Joomla, Drupal, etc.?

If you’d prefer to go with WordPress, you can follow the WordPress setup tutorial by Micheal Hyatt, which in a way explains the entire process we outlined today.  It is easy to follow and just about anyone can do it.  But if you’re planning to shift from a free blogging platform to self-hosted, it requires more steps and the process is a bit more tedious.

You can set up your own ‘Coming Soon’ page until your web design is complete.  You can do that by simply uploading a customized “coming soon” template to your web server as shown in the video below. This video shows you how to upload files to your web server. The process is the same for uploading your coming soon page (should be named index.html).

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You can edit the template using a HTML editor.  If it is a WordPress blog, you can choose a free ‘Coming Soon’ theme that is readily available and activate it from the WordPress dashboard as you would a normal theme.

Additional Tip: Add Another Domain to Your Web Host

This step is required only if you have another domain name that has not been linked with your web host in Step 1 above.  

You can perform this step from the cPanel (or other control panel) that your web host provides.  The video below gives you clear instructions on how to proceed.

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More Resources

Ultimate Collection Of Free Coming Soon And Under Construction Templates – a list of ready made templates that you can use.

27 Cool Coming Soon Page Designs – for your inspiration, if you’re creating your own template.

Today’s Action Step: Follow the steps outlined above to set up your own website.

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