• 10 Creative Ways to Thank Your Clients and Customers

10 Creative Ways to Thank Your Clients and Customers + Free Printables

Thank you. Just two simple words that hold a bevy of unsaid thoughts. Everybody likes to be thanked. We like to know that our efforts, however meager, are appreciated. And all the more so when it comes to people we serve through our business. Yes, I'm talking about the clients and customers who are the lifeline of any business. With Thanksgiving just a month away, we're already in the holiday giving mode. Let's make the most of it, and show our appreciation to those who've helped us make it this far. Here are 10 creative ways to thank your clients and customers. 1. Send a personalized email

  • 15 Inspirational Bible Verses for Business Owners {Free Printables}

15 Inspirational Bible Verses for Business Owners {Free Printables}

The Bible has always been my source of inspiration when it came to running my online business. I have received numerous promises to squelch my worries, gotten innovative ideas, and obtained specific guidance on how to proceed. As Christians who seek to glorify God through our business, we must never neglect the reading of God's Word. It has the power to transform us and inspire us to rise up to do God's will for our business. As I looked back over the verses that have touched me most as a business owner, I came across quite a few. I decided to make printables out of

  • 24 FREE Digital Backgrounds

24 FREE Digital Backgrounds

We're continuing our month-long celebration of Clothed In Scarlet's second anniversary with more free gifts for you! Today, we're giving away 24 free digital backgrounds, no strings attached! You can use these backgrounds to create your own graphics - for personal or commercial use. You can use these digital papers for: Social media graphics Web design Images to market your product/service The possibilities are endless! We have 2 digital paper packs available for free download... Free Chevron Backgrounds This pack contains 12 chevron themed backgrounds in bright and pastel colors. Click here to download them. Free Watercolor Backgrounds This pack contains 12 watercolor themed backgrounds in bright

  • Introducing Get Found Online {+ Free Printable}

Introducing Get Found Online {+ Free Printable}

Hey friends! It's great to be back to blogging here at Clothed In Scarlet! And I'm ready to unveil something I've been working on for the past several months now... Introducing my new business... GET FOUND ONLINE !!! I've been in the internet marketing field for over 5 years now but never thought to launch an actual business. All my work this far has been done online, except for meeting local clients in their office. When God prompted me to take my business outside the home and start an actual brick and mortar business, I was terrified. Honestly, I was not ready for risks I'd have to

A 3 Step Process to Simplify Your Online Business {With Free Printable}

Does running an online business overwhelm you? You need to create new products, market those products, write helpful articles, interact regularly on social media, send out newsletters, create pretty graphics... ... oh, I could go on! Just reading the list makes you feel tired, doesn't it? I felt the same way about running an online business too. And then I discovered something that simplified it all for me... Systems! What is a System? A system is a procedure that you always follow to get something done. An online business is made up of numerous systems that can range from content creation and social media, to