A Year of Clothed In Scarlet

This time last year, I was enthusiastically adding the final touches to the Clothed In Scarlet home page that would launch a week later. As I look back over the past year, I stand amazed at how far the site has come. I started it with a vision God laid on my heart and now I see how He has fleshed it out to be so much more. Today, I’m reminiscing about the past year, and sharing a special gift for you, my dear readers.

The journey we undertook at Clothed In Scarlet over the past year has been innovative, fun, educational, and a bit taxing at times. So far, I’ve created tons of free resources, published an eBook, launched an eCourse, and followed it through with a month-long challenge that many found very helpful!



The video eCourse and challenge were especially quite challenging for me, as it required that I step out of my comfort zone, and in front of a camera. Consulting, which was just a dream, soon became a reality. I started enjoying talking to people – helping them with their business, and becoming good friends with my clients in the bargain.

I admit that for me personally, completing one whole year is an achievement. I’m someone who tends to leave things halfway – that is my personality. I am characterized by having lofty ideas, but seldom carry an idea out to fruition. {I used to have a depreciated self-worth because of this characteristic, but now I’ve embraced this personality that God has given me.}

I prayed hard for someone who would walk this path along with me, and God answered that prayer! Sheena, who works with me, is my polar opposite, and she helps by compensating for my weaknesses. You know, all of us have weaknesses. However, instead of focusing on them, we need to embrace them and find someone who can support us and cover the areas we lack in.

From a startup perspective, I understand you might have some financial constraints, but I encourage you to check out some less-expensive options. If hiring a full-time virtual assistant is out of the question for you, you can outsource certain tasks alone, or just hire someone temporarily to get the job done.

What makes it all worth it, is hearing back from readers – knowing my efforts have borne fruit… 🙂

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So to celebrate our first anniversary at Clothed In Scarlet (and because Mother’s Day is coming up), I’m offering you a FREE eBook.

The Little Book of Motherhood Quotes

The Little Book of Motherhood Quotes is my free gift to you, dear reader. Feel free to gift it to other mothers in your life as a Mother’s Day present. The only restriction is that you cannot change any content within the eBook. 

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