I am so excited to share some great news with you!  This is something that has been on my mind for quite some time now, and is one of the main reasons I started Clothed in Scarlet.  We’re going to begin a series that will help you launch your online business from scratch.

If  you have always wanted to launch your own online business but didn’t know where to begin…
If you have looked at successful businesses and knew you could do better than that…
If you have a lot of business ideas but no clue what to do next…
If you have a business idea but don’t know a thing about starting a website from scratch…
… you won’t want to miss this series!

This series has been enhanced and compiled into a handy eBook.

Click here to get your copy today!

31 Days to Start an Online Business

The brand new series “31 Days to Start an Online Business” begins July 1st and runs through the month of July!

Here’s what you can expect:

  • Tips to develop your ideas into a profitable business plan
  • A step by step guide to setting up your website
  • Content writing basics
  • Tips on advertising, marketing & sales
  • Daily action steps
  • Free worksheets & checklists
  • Giveaways!

This will be a series of 31 posts, and each will take you one step closer to setting up your dream business online.  You won’t want to miss this series even if you already have an established online presence.  There is something in it for everybody!

I can’t wait to start sharing my thoughts with you, empowering you to get started on your very own online business.  I hope you will be joining us from July 1st to July 31st!  Mark your calendars and stay tuned for more!

*Updated Information*

The series has begun and you can find the links to each day’s post below.

Day 1: What’s Your Idea?

Day 2: How to Identify a Profitable Target Niche for Your Business

Day 3: What’s Your USP?  How Different Are You?

Day 4: Define Your Business Goals + {Free Worksheet}

Day 5: Online Business Plan Template {Free Download}

Day 6: Five Lessons I’ve Learned as an Online Entrepreneur

Day 7: Must-Haves to Set Up Your Online Business

Day 8: Choosing the Right Domain Name + {Giveaway}

Day 9: Popular Online Domain Registrars

Day 10: How to Register Your Domain Name

Day 11: Ten Crucial Aspects to Consider When Choosing Your Web Host

Day 12: Prominent Web Hosting Providers

Day 13: How to Set Up Your Own Website + {Free Download}

Day 14: Elements of a Good Web Design

Day 15: Ways to Design Your Own Website + {Winners}

Day 16:  Mega Graphics Giveaway!

Day 17: 75+ Resources to Help You Design Your Website

Day 18: Six Reasons Why Content Marketing is Important

Day 19: Seven Steps to Plan Your Website Content

Day 20: How to Do Keyword Research {Tools & Resources}

Day 21: Creating Content for People and Search Engines

Day 22: Introduction to Online Marketing

Day 23: 5 Essentials for a Search Engine Friendly Website

Day 24: 6 Simple Steps to Create a Social Media Strategy + Free Template

Day 25: Choosing Products to Sell Online – An Introductory Guide

Day 26: How to Start Selling Online – Step by Step Guide

Day 27: Six Safe & Simple Payment Gateways

Day 28: Handy List of eCommerce Tools and Resources

Day 29: Introduction to Web Analytics

Day 30: Web Analytics Tools for Your Business

Day 31: Closing Thoughts & Sneak Peek at What’s to Come