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Which Work From Home Opportunity Can You Start With?

Now that you have a clearer picture of what you are capable of doing, and how you can make money online, it’s time to start taking action. It’s time to decide which work from home opportunity you’re going to get started with. This is where the rubber meets the road.

What are you going to do?

The results of your self evaluation should have given you clarity on what you can do from home. With that in mind, decide how you are going to make money online.

To give you a concrete example, let’s say you are proficient in the English language. Some things you can do online to make money are:

  • Blogging
  • Teach online courses
  • Content writing
  • Authoring eBooks
  • Proofreading & editing

As you can see, some of them are products you can create (eBooks, online courses), and others are services you can provide (content writing, editing). Blogging can be used to promote/sell others’ products and services – thereby earning you a commission.

Now take up your case, and the results of your self evaluation. Identify what kind of products you can create – either on your own or with a little support. Also make a list of services you can offer right away. If you are not able to come up with a product/service based on your strengths, list out the advertising/affiliate opportunities you can apply for.

Where are you going to do it?

Now that you have decided what you are going to do to make money online, the next step is to decide where you are going to do it. You need to decide this based on the time, money and effort you are willing to invest on a regular basis. Take a look at The Ultimate Guide to Make Money Online and decide where you will be selling your products/services or others’ products/services.

How are you going to do it?

After answering the What and the Where questions, the next step is deciding on the How. You need to work out how you are going to move forward with your WAHM plan.

I will help you do that by give you concrete examples of how to set up 3 different lines of business.

Example 1: Selling Your Service Online (Virtual Assistance)

As seen above, someone proficient in English can perform a number of virtual assistant (VA) jobs such content writing, editing, email management, etc. Let’s look at how you can start off as a freelance VA.

Pick a few freelance websites that seem promising and register yourself there. In most cases, it is a free registration. You will be asked to fill in all your profile information. Make sure your profile looks professional and seems genuine. Do include all relevant details such as educational qualifications, prior experience, and anything else a potential employer might need to know about you. Please don’t fake any of the details. Your profile is the first impression people will have of you; make sure it’s good enough to get you accepted.

Once your profile has been accepted at the freelance website, you can visit the marketplace where employers list the projects they need done. Take a look at the project requirements and budget, pick a few that fit your line of work and bid/request for those projects. Not all your bids will be accepted, but you can expect an acceptance rate of 5-10%.

At first, you will have to work at a lower cost you don’t have any experience or feedback in that website. As you gain more experience and build up your feedback, you will get more projects, and you will be able to start charging a bit more.

Once you get the project, make sure your deliver it when it is due. Each freelance website will have its own criteria for project delivery and payment settlement. Some might allow you to accept advance payment, while others will permit only a partial payment. Make sure you get the terms of payment right before you deliver the completed project. And don’t forget to ask your employers for feedback. This will go a long way in helping you get more projects.

If you’d prefer to sell your services on your own website, I encourage you to check out my 31 Days to Start an Online Business blog series (or my eBook, if you’d prefer all the information in a single place). In this book/blog series I explain in detail how you can set up your website from scratch, and start selling online.

Example 2: Selling Your Product Online (Books, eCourses)

So what kind of products can someone who is proficient in English sell online? A book on the basics of English grammar, an eCourse on how to teach English to foreigners, printable writing prompts for bloggers, or even, English worksheets for kids.

There is no end to the type of products you can sell online. Your product can be a physical one such as a book, or a digital one such as an eCourse. With a physical product, you need to be in charge of the shipping, but delivery of a digital product it’s easier because it can be done online itself.

I have created an entire eCourse to help you sell your first product online. You will find everything you need to know about creating and selling your product there. There is also a blog series with interviews, articles and printables to go along with the eCourse. I encourage you to check it out!

Another valuable resource is the 4 Weeks to Sell Online Blog Challenge we did in February. In this challenge, I equip you to create and sell your product in a matter of just 4 weeks! Why don’t you take up the challenge and get your product sold online?

Example 3: Selling Others’ Products/Services (Blogging)

You can promote and sell others’ product/services through your own website or blog. The more specific your niche is, the more authority you’ll have over your peers, and the more traffic you’ll get. Continuing with the example of someone proficient in English, you can start a blog teaching the intricacies of English grammar. You could also narrow it down to a specific type of audience such as, 3rd graders, high schoolers, college students, or business owners.

Be consistent in churning out high quality content for your audience in the form of informative articles and valuable resources. Over time, people will start looking up to you as an authority, spread the word around, and more people will start visiting blog/website. As your website traffic grows, you can slowly start monetizing it. It might take some time for you to get there, but there are bloggers who have successfully created a $1000+ income stream for themselves online.

For more details on how to monetize your blog by promoting/selling others’ products/services, I encourage you to check out my previous post. I share a whole lot of tips and resources to help you get started.

I hope this article has helped you zone in on which work from home opportunity you can pursue right away. Next week, we’ll move on to how you can get yourself established and become a WAHM success.

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