WAHM Success Story: An Interview with Katie Hornor
As we are winding up our WAHM series, I thought it would be a good idea to share with you stories of other moms who have successfully made a good income by working from home.

Katie Hornor is a work at home mom, just like you and me. But she is also a missionary in Southern Mexico, a homeschooling mom of 5, a writer and a speaker. She has authored a host of eBooks, written homeschool curriculum, and put together a variety of planners and printable packs.

Her many online ventures include:

Some of Katie’s more popular eBooks are Putting On the Spirit: Ten-Minute Devotions for Busy Moms (I’ve personally been encouraged by this eBook!) and Divine Design: A Study of Feminine Priorities. Her resources for bloggers, the Blog Like a Pro Planner and the Blog Like a Pro Online Class have also been very highly acclaimed.

I had a really blessed time talking to Katie Hornor. You can view the complete interview below:

In case you’re unable to see the video above, click here.

Major Takeaways from the Interview:

Katie first started out as a blogger, and knew she had to consistently put in a lot of hard work if she wanted to see good results. She attended a conference in her early days as a blogger and found it to be very helpful in making good connections. She also recommends attending virtual conferences, if traveling is an issue.

Katie made her first income through AdSense and by promoting her friends’ products as an affiliate. She still continues to make an income through AdSense and affiliate marketing, but also sells her own eBooks, homeschool worksheets and unit studies.

In order to be able to balance her work, and ministry efforts, she and her husband periodically evaluate their time and their priorities. Her schedule is different for different seasons. She currently homeschools 4 days a week, and sends her kids to a private school once a week.

A routine day starts off with her checking her emails first, and then homeschooling in the mornings. The computer remains switched off during homeschool time.

After lunch, the kids have a mandatory hour-long rest time while Katie catches up on her business emails. In the afternoons, the kids do their own work and her husband is around to keep an eye on things. Katie also catches up on her remaining work after dinner.

Katie’s advice is to find what works for the family, create a schedule and then stick to it. She splits up her projects for different days of the week and allocates tasks to each day’s to-do list. She is a huge proponent of changing something if it’s not working out, be it a homeschool curriculum or a daily schedule.

Katie has learnt to look at social media as a working tool. She uses it wisely to further her work each day. When she has to research something on the internet, she shuts down social media, so it doesn’t distract her work.

Katie’s one word of advice for budding work at home moms is, don’t compare yourself. It’s easy to compare your voice and your income with others out there. But that will only breed discontentment. Don’t look at the numbers. You have a unique voice and talent to reach a group of people that no one else can. Look at what God wants you to do, and let that be your motivating factor.

Resources Mentioned in the Interview:

Blog like a Pro Planner

Katie created the Blog like a Pro Planner to benefit blogging moms, and it is one she uses on a daily basis. You will find this planner very useful in planning your WAHM schedule and building your blog. Get the Blog like a Pro Planner for just $29.95 here! 
Katie shared so many tips and suggestions that I’m sure will benefit you in the long run. I do hope this interview was a blessing to you.

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