How I Tripled My Website Traffic Using Pinterest
When I first started my website, I went ahead and registered a Pinterest account. But I did not spend much time on it, choosing to concentrate on Facebook and Twitter instead. After a couple of months, I checked my stats on Google Analytics and got a pleasant surprise when I found that it was Pinterest that was driving the most traffic to my site.

I realized it was time to start being intentional with Pinterest marketing, and I began to be more organized with it. Within a couple of months, I saw a steep incline in my inbound traffic from Pinterest.

Pinterest traffic

The graph above depicts the incline from 1612 sessions in May to 7479 sessions in September this year. That is an increase of over 350% in just a matter of 5 months!

It was just one major initiative I took that made all the difference…

Wanna know what it is?

Group Boards!

I got access to a few group boards that had a huge following, and some of my pins got repinned on a large scale. I was also pinning quality images consistently, and some other prominent pinners (who were also part of those group boards) started repinning my pins.

One of my pins on a group board was repinned by Lisa Jacobsen and it got close to 4000 pins… It actually went viral!

That’s the advantage of being a part of big group boards. Let’s look into some of the basics of group boards, and how you can join one.

What is a Group Board?

A group board is just like any other board on Pinterest, except that the owner of the board invites other pinners to pin to it. The owner usually has a theme for the board, and a set of rules that pinners need to abide with when they add their pins to the group board. You will have to follow the group board, and be invited to join before you can start pinning.

You can identify a group board by the icon on the right side of the group name.

Group board

How do You Join a Group Board?

So now we know what a group board is, and how useful it can be. But how do you go about finding group boards that you can pin to? Here are 3 ways you can do it:

  1. Check if some of the bloggers/site owners in your niche have group boards.
  2. Check out Facebook groups where people share the links to Pinterest group boards they are a part of.
  3. Use a tool such as Pin Groupie or Board Deck that allows you to find group boards in your niche.


Here are a couple of Facebook groups you can join, that will help you find Pinterest group boards in your niche.

And here are a few Pinterest group boards that you can request to join.

Let me share another secret with you…

I check the Pinterest accounts of some big players in my niche who have a large number of followers. (These followers are actually also my target audience). I check their profiles and make a note of the group boards they are a part of.

Once you have a list of group boards you’d like to join, check if they are open to new contributors. If they allow new pinners to join, go over their rules and request them to add you – either via a personalized email or via Pinterest messages. You need to mention your Pinterest username and the email address associated with your Pinterest profile in your request.

Note: You will have to follow the group board’s administrator on Pinterest first, before you can request them to grant you access. The administrator will be the first person listed on the top of the group board.

Pinterest group admin

Here is  a sample email you can use to request access to a particular Pinterest group board.

Hi <Name>!

I’m <your name> from <your website>. I love your <group board name> Pinterest board, and would be thrilled to be able to pin to it. I have read the rules and followed the board from my Pinterest profile. 

I would be extremely grateful if you could send me an invite to join your group board.

My Pinterest Name: <your name on Pinterest>
My Pinterest Email ID: <the email ID associated with your Pinterest account>

I look forward to hearing back from you.

Once you have been invited to join the group board, you will receive an email with the invitation and also a notification on Pinterest. Sometimes, the notification might not be visible. If you’re sure you’ve already been invited, you can visit the group board and click on the “Accept” button to accept the group board invitation.

Accept invite

Once you accept the invitation, you will be able to start pinning. Each group board will have it’s own set of instructions that you’ll have to follow when pinning. Make sure you abide by those rules and maintain proper Pinterest etiquette every time you pin.

Create a Pinning Schedule

Once you have joined a few good group boards, start pinning to them. But rather than pinning randomly, plan which pins you need to pin where, and distribute your pinning over the week. Also make sure you don’t go on a pinning spree. Time your pins so it doesn’t clog up your stream with the same pin.

Here is a snapshot of sample pinning schedule (I customize it with my group board names):

sample pinning schedule

I encourage you to create a similar weekly pinning schedule, mapping all your pins to specific group boards on different days of the week.

Pinning to popular group boards will definitely help you increase your website traffic in a dramatic way.

Today’s Challenge:  For today’s challenge, find at least two group boards you can join, and request the board owners to add you as a contributor.

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