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4 Tips to Get Your Family and Friends on Board

Your family and friends play a huge role in your everyday life. If you’re planning to start working from home, it is absolutely essential to get them on board too. There will inevitably be some major changes in your schedule and availability that your loved ones need to be aware of.

Here are 4 tips to get your family and friends on board your quest to become a WAHM.

1. Keep the communication lines open.

When I first began working from home 7 years ago, the internet was brand new and making money online was completely unheard of. To top that, I didn’t make any money the first two years, and my husband had no clue what I was doing in front of the computer all day.

I was at fault for not explaining to him what I was trying to do, in a way that he would understand. He felt it was a long stretch and I wasn’t going to make any money in the long run. Even though he didn’t understand, He still gave me the freedom to spend money as I was starting out, and I appreciate him for that.

It is essential that you keep the communication lines with your loved ones (especially your spouse) open and explain to them what your work is about, in a way that they’ll understand. Only when they know what you’re doing will they be able to support you. You need to make them understand (in a nice way) that you need to do this for yourself, and to bring in an additional income for the family.

If you are just starting out online, it will take some time before the money starts rolling in. On some days, it will feel that you are spending a lot of time, money and effort, with little to show for it. In seasons like that, it will be incredibly helpful if your immediate family understands what you are doing and motivates you to keep going.

2. Have a support system in place.

When you’re working from home, you don’t always have your routine set in stone. On some days you might have to work extended hours to take a call or meet a deadline. At times like that, it will be very helpful if you have a support system in place.

For me it was a helper who used to assist with the house cleaning and doing the dishes. When I got my husband on board, he agreed to stay home with our son, when I had to go meet a client. If I have to travel out of town, my mother will gladly take care of my son for a few days.

Whether it is family you can count on, or paid help, think of what kind of support you need if you are to start working from home. It’s better to be prepared for it now, than to struggle when there is an actual need.

3. Let them know that you’re working now.

Most people do not take you seriously when you say you work from home. At the outset, even my husband didn’t consider what I was doing as real work. It was only when the money started streaming in that he appreciated my work and started listening to stuff I had to say.

You need to make your family and friends know that you’re actually working now. Or else, your husband or kids may need you every few minutes, a friend may call to chat, or extended family might drop in for a visit. While these interruptions may not have affected your day in the past, it definitely will when you become a WAHM.

You are working real hard to make an income online, and your loved ones need understand that what you’re doing is real work – even if you don’t leave the house at all.

4. Keep them informed about your work timings.

If you are planning to work from home, you will have to set some boundaries and let your family and friends know what they are. They will have to get used to the fact that you will not be available for them all day, every day. If you are a stay at home mom, your kids are used to having you around all the time. You need to get them used to the fact that for a few hours each day, they will have to entertain themselves.

Kids above the age of 6 are usually old enough to understand that you need uninterrupted time to concentrate on your work. Tell them specifically the time duration when you are not to be interrupted. Or you can use a visual cue, such as a closed door – you are not to be disturbed when your door is closed, unless it is an emergency. With smaller kids, it’s better you adjust your work schedule to fit into their nap times, or be prepared to be interrupted every few minutes.

Try to set fixed working hours for yourself, so your family can get into a routine. If you have a late call or a deadline coming up, let your family know, so they’ll be prepared for your odd working hours.

It is important that your family supports you on your quest to become a WAHM. They might not jump on board right away, but keep working on it, and eventually, they will get what you’re doing and give you their undivided support.

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