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Talents into Income Podcast Show
Welcome to my podcast show!

The focus of these podcasts is to help you discover your talents, and use them for God’s glory. I will be sharing with you strategies, tips and resources to help you convert your talents into a legitimate online income stream.

Here is a complete list of all my podcasts. You can click on any of the titles to listen to them.

CIS #01: A Step by Step Guide to Creating Your Own Pinterest Strategy

In our very first audio podcast, I talk about the importance of Pinterest for your online business. I also share 6 steps to help you create your own Pinterest strategy.

CIS #02: 3 Vital Ingredients Required to Succeed Online

In this podcast, I share the story of how I got started in online business. I also present you with some things you must do if you want to really succeed in making money online.

CIS #03: 15 Things to Know About Becoming a Work at Home Mom

A lot of people would love to start working from home, but have no idea what it entails. In this podcast, I reveal some things you must know about becoming a work at home mom.

CIS #04: 5 Strategies to Find Balance as a Work at Home Mom

Being a work at home mom involves a lot of juggling, tight-rope walking, and plate spinning. In this podcast I share a few strategies that you can follow to find balance as a work at home mom.

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