Learn From the Pros: What Makes Them Pinterest Rockstars?

When we want to learn and grow in a particular area, we look to experts who have already mastered it. With respect to Pinterest too, we can learn a lot by just looking at popular Pinterest influencers and studying their pinning strategies.

In this article, I share an in-depth analysis of the Pinterest strategies of 3 entrepreneurs who have a large following on Pinterest.

Melissa Taylor - Pinterest Profile

Melissa Taylor is mom, teacher, and writer who shares inspiration and resources on kids learning through her website Imagination Soup. She has over 1.4 million followers on Pinterest and one look at her Pinterest profile will tell us why she’s so popular on Pinterest.

  • 95% of her pins are about her niche – kids and parenting. Her pins have a strong focus on kids learning.
  • The content on her website and her pins are specifically designed for her target audience.
  • Her profile is filled with images of kids that clearly depicts what she specializes in. Even most of the group boards she’s a part of are related to kids.
  • The board covers are striking and they have a personal touch that allows followers to connect with her. The cover images are actual photos of people and depict what the boards are about.
  • The boards are well categorized and systematically organized.
  • Instead of combining related topic into a single board, she has given them each a separate board. For example: sight words, spelling, struggling readers, and early readers are individual boards – not grouped into a a single board titled ‘Reading’.
  • She has placed seasonal content (Fall & Halloween) at the top.
  • All her pins have high-quality images and are attention grabbing. The image themselves lend a voice to what the article is about.
  • She pins quality stuff related to her target audience. Any parent following her will want to repin her content.
  • She follows a pinning schedule and rotates her pins across different boards. She pins at peak times at regular intervals during the day, with about 5 – 10 pins in each session.

Money Saving Mom

Money Saving Mom - Pinterest Profile

Crystal Paine is a wife, mother, author, and blogger who helps women be intentional with their family, finances and time through her website Money Saving Mom. Here are some pointers I gained from a peek at her Pinterest profile.

  • She shares some good images, and the text overlays on her images really stand out.
  • The pin descriptions are well written and make one curious to to click through and read the full post.
  • She follows Pinterest SEO strategies and uses keywords in her pins.
  • She follows a pinning schedule and rotates her pins across her boards at regular intervals.
  • The boards on top focus on her core areas and then spread out to personal and general topics.
  • Her board cover images don’t have a personal touch but the board names certainly do. Some examples are: Recipes I Want To Try, Made Me Smile :), Books I Want To Read, etc.
  • The board covers don’t stand out that much but they do tell us what each board is about.
  • She writes on a variety of topics through her blog, and belongs to a lot of group boards where she can share that content.

Living Well Spending Less

Living Well Spending Less - Pinterest profile

Ruth Soukup is a writer, entrepreneur, and a busy mom who shares inspiration and practical tips on living a good life on a budget through her website Living Well Spending Less. Ruth has over one hundred thousand followers on Pinterest, and here’s what we can learn from her.

  • Her pins have their own unique style. She has some specific font combinations and overlays that clearly identify whose pin it is.
  • The quality of her content is above par and most of her content is evergreen. 
  • She rotates her evergreen content across different boards according to her pinning schedule. She repins her popular pins at least once a month.
  • She creates a lot of free resources (printables, posters, schedules, etc) that get a lot of repins.
  • She has used pictures of her girls on board covers as well as for blog images to add a personal touch.
  • All her pins have good descriptions with keywords. She also uses hashtags in her pin descriptions.
  • The blog post titles and text overlays are really catchy and followers are intrigued to check it out.  Eg: Why I took my kids’ toys away {& why they won’t get them back}

Wow! That’s a lot of lessons we can learn from the strategies of popular Pinterest influencers.

Today’s challenge:
Today’s challenge is for you to find one of the strategies that appealed to you from the list above and incorporate it in your own Pinterest profile. Then share it with us in the comments below and be entered to win one of two $25 Amazon gift cards!

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