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 Day 9: Popular Online Domain Registrars

Yesterday, we looked at the importance of choosing a good domain name.  Have you decided on a domain name for your business yet?

Today’s post is a list of a few good websites that sell domain names at a reasonable price.  Once you have decided on a name for your business website, you can check it’s availability online and purchase it.  {A step by step guide on how to register your domain name will be published tomorrow.}

Without much ado, let me list out the most popular online domain registrars for you.


Online Domain Registrar - GoDaddy is by far my most preferred website to purchase a domain name.  I’ve bought several domains from them and the entire process is fairly simple.  They offer reasonably priced domains, but you can take a look at their Hot Deals to find a sweeter deal.


Online Domain Registrar - Name Cheap is another highly popular online domain registrar.  Although I have personally not used it, I have read quite a few good reviews about this website.


Online Domain Registrar - 1 & 1

1& is another website I have used to register domain names.  As evidenced by the screenshot above, they are currently offering .com domains for just $0.99 (Offer limited for the first year alone and restricted to one domain per customer).


Online Domain Registrar - Name is also a good option to purchase your domain name.  Their prices seem reasonable and I think they are worth a try if any of the previous options don’t work out for you.

5. Google Domains

Google Domains

Google Domains is still in the beta stage but it is a Google enterprise, so you know it’s trustworthy.  They offer custom domains with privacy, custom email, a variety of new domain name endings and easy integration with several top online website builders.

Coupon Codes

You do not have to pay full price when purchasing a domain name.  A simple Google search might yield you a few coupon codes that you can use to discount the price of your domain.  I have found and used several online coupons – especially for GoDaddy.  However, the link associated with the coupon code could be another website’s affiliate link.  They might make a small profit from your purchase at no cost to you.

Private Domain Registration

Some of these online websites offer free (or paid) Private Domain Registration, also referred to as WhoIs Privacy.  This feature ensures that if someone tries to find out the personal details of the person owning the domain name, they will not find it.  I have gone both ways – with and without privacy and have faced no issues.

Closing Thoughts

I hope this article has given you an idea of where you can purchase a domain name.  Try to get a domain that is not offered free as part of a web hosting package.  That way, you can be assured that the domain belongs to you and can be transferred to another web host, should you wish to do so later.

If all this jargon about domains and hosting makes your head spin, don’t worry.  We’ll have more resources to help you with it in the days to come!

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