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Day 18: Six Reasons Why Content Marketing is Important

When you’re setting up your online business, you have a lot of things to do – set up your website, look for graphics, promote your business, connect with potential customers, etc.  Amid this mayhem you may tend to forget about your website content.

Designing a new page for your website often seems more exciting than thinking about new blog post ideas.  Content can very easily slip to the end of your to do list, if it is not prioritized.  But keep in mind that your business website’s content is crucial.

People come to your website looking for something they’ll find helpful.  It doesn’t matter how great your design is, it is the content that will eventually cause them to keep visiting you over and over again.

To take a real life example: Imagine a store that looks so elegant that it lures you inside.  But when you look around, you don’t find anything that captures your attention.  And when you don’t find anything interesting or substantial in the store, you get disappointed and head to the nearest exit.

In the same way, it doesn’t matter how good your website looks or how many first time visitors you get.  What matters is that your site has valuable content that your potential customers can relate to, thereby ensuring that they come back again for more.

Let me list some reasons why you should create great content for your website.

Reasons Why Your Website Should Have Great Content

1. Readers find value in you through your content

For first time visitors, it’s the quality of content that keeps them interested in your site.  And once they feel you are providing valuable content, they will dig further into your website.

When your website consistently offers content of the highest quality, your audience starts associating your website with content that is beneficial to them.  This keeps them hooked onto your business, knowing you provide information that they’re happy with.

2. You become a trusted adviser in your niche

If people like you they'll listen to you, but if they trust you they'll do business with you. - Zig Ziglar

Traditionally, we tend to use services and products that we know can be trusted.  We also prefer to conduct business with people that our friends or associates have recommended as trustworthy.  The same applies to the online world as well.

If the trust factor is not there, people won’t want to do business with you.  And content marketing is the most effective way to build that trust.  If you make sure that every word you place on your blog is true and beneficial to the customer, they will learn to trust your more.

Be truthful and straightforward in the content you share, and be sure you know what you are talking about.  Try to put out a variety of content that does not just promote your own business.  That way, potential customers believe that you genuinely want to help them and you’re not just after their money or time.

3. You gain credibility and authority

When visitors see you delivering quality content, they will start treating you as an expert or authority in your chosen niche.  Interesting content will engage your potential customers and strengthen your online brand presence.

To be recognized as an authority, you don’t have to be a thought leader in your chosen niche.  You just need to effectively convey the knowledge you possess in a meaningful way that your target audience can understand.  And when you do connect with your audience, they will start looking up to you, seeking your opinions and heeding your recommendations.

4. Great content gets more shares

Make Your Content Buzz Worthy

Good content always gets more social media shares and creates a buzz on the World Wide Web.  Just think for a minute why you would want to share a particular article you’ve just read.  It possibly falls under one of the following categories:

  • It is interesting.
  • It is entertaining.
  • It enhances your knowledge.
  • You have benefited from it.
  • You feel your friends would benefit from it.

An article goes viral online because people who read it for the first time find it so good that they can’t keep it to themselves.  They want everyone else to read it too.

Our aim should be to create content so remarkable, that readers can’t help but share it with the world (or at least on their social media channels!)

5. Great content gets more inbound links

If you are able to keep churning out highly informative content, over time, other influential bloggers and website owners (editors) in your niche will start noticing it.  {At times, you may have to reach out to them as well.}  They will start linking to your resources or articles in their content, as further reference; or simply add an in-content link to further stress the point they’re trying to get across.

I do this a lot when writing articles here.  For example, on Day 8 of this series, I linked to an article from Smashing Magazine in the “More Resources” section, because I thought readers may find it beneficial.

Other sites will link back to only if your content is really good and they know for sure that it will be valuable to their readers.

6. Google and other search engines give preference to quality and unique content

Google and other search engines are always on the lookout to provide the best possible content for their users.  Their aim is to satisfy their customers (i.e. searchers like you and me) by rendering the most valuable and relevant content.

Google points out that:

You can improve your landing page experience:

  • offering relevant, useful, and original content
  • promoting transparency and fostering trustworthiness on your site

So, if you want search engines on your side, your content should provide readers a great experience.  We’ll be giving you more information on how you can get search engines to notice you in the coming days.

Stay tuned!  Tomorrow we will discussing how you can plan the content for your online business website.

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About the Author:

School teacher turned internet marketing consultant, Sunu Philip is a Certified SEO Specialist. She founded “Clothed in Scarlet” to help women discover their unique God-given strengths and turn their talents into profits online. She offers subscribers a Free Online Business Startup Kit to help them start their online business from scratch.


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    Nice post and I agree that content marketing plays a vital role in marketing. I think becoming a trusted adviser in your niche is one the most important tasks to accomplish.

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      Thank you Apollo for dropping by. Hope you found this article informative.

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