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14 Free Bible Studies and Devotionals for Your Spiritual Growth

A couple of years back, I had no exposure to Christian Bible studies and my spiritual life had taken a beating. Since then, God has led me to Good Morning Girls, and helped me study the Bible in a more systematic way. I look back in wonder, marveling at how God has stretched my heart and my faith through these studies. In today's post, I share 14 free Bible studies and devotionals that will help you grow spiritually. I hope you find them a blessing! Intentionally Focused by Good Morning Girls We did the Intentionally Focused study earlier this year at

6 Different Ways God Speaks To Us

We all long to hear from God.  There are those times when God distinctly speaks to us through a strong feeling or a still small voice in our hearts.  But that doesn't happen as often as we'd like.  Yet there are ways we can hear from God directly every single day, if only we are tuned to Him. Here are six different ways God speaks to us in our daily lives. 1. The Word The Bible is God's living word - His words to us.  This is by far the most foolproof way to hear from God on a daily

Day 6: Five Lessons I’ve Learned as an Online Entrepreneur

Over the past five days, we've been laying the foundation for your online business.  Before we get into the specifics of setting it all up, let me share some lessons I learned from my personal experience in establishing an online business. 1. Do Not Aim for Perfection The quest for perfection can literally ruin you.  When you are setting up your online business, there will be setbacks; you will make mistakes.  There will be a learning curve - do not expect everything to go along smoothly.  At first, your internet business might not even look as professional as you would

Hope In The Wilderness

Here is a story I came across a while back.  Every time I read it or share it with someone else, it draws me closer to God and I feel more of His abundant love and care for me.  I pray God will use this story to encourage you as well.  Here goes! A mother and her little girl were returning from a country fair.  The daughter was wearing glass bangles around her wrists and also had her hands full with toys, balloons and sweet treats that her mother had purchased for her at the fair.  The little girl was

  • Why Multiply your Talents - Featured

Why Multiply Your Talents?

The word 'talent' is defined as a special natural ability or aptitude; a gift or skill.  The word was originally derived from an ancient unit of weight that was used for trading.  A familiar usage of talents in the Bible is found in Matthew 25:14-30.  If you are not familiar with it, you can catch up on the concise version below. The Parable of the Talents A man was due to travel to a far off country.  He called his servants and gave each of them talents according to their own abilities - one received five talents, another three, and