7 Cool Apps to Improve Your Work Productivity

Until a few years ago, we all relied on a regular notepad and pen to keep track of everything that needs to be done.  Not so in this day and age.  Productivity apps are sprouting up everywhere, and it is now our choice to pick the ones that work for us. Here is a list of a few good apps that will help you boost your productivity at work. 1. Trello Trello is a great tool that helps you organize just about everything from your household tasks to a project at work.  You can keep track of your tasks up to

Optimize Your Day – 5 Simple Steps

Have you ever had a mile-long to-do list, out of which you managed to strike out only 3 items at the end of the day?  I struggled with the same issue for months together.  I soon learned that the problem was not a lack of time.  It was, in fact, the way I under-utilized my time. Let's say for example, I intend to write a blog post in the morning but decide to do some housework instead.  I postpone the task for the afternoon - at which time I get busy with the kids, and the blog post doesn't get

5 Tips For A Productive Day

Our days are filled with overflowing to-do lists and not enough time to get it done.  However, with a few simple changes, it is possible to make the best use of our time and get a lot accomplished in an average day.  Here are 5 tips to help you make the most of your day. 1. Plan your day The most productive days are usually ones that are structured and have an outline.  Take a notepad and a pen (or an app) and write down all the things you have to get done that day.  Try to keep your list