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Learn From the Pros: What Makes Them Pinterest Rockstars?

When we want to learn and grow in a particular area, we look to experts who have already mastered it. With respect to Pinterest too, we can learn a lot by just looking at popular Pinterest influencers and studying their pinning strategies. In this article, I share an in-depth analysis of the Pinterest strategies of 3 entrepreneurs who have a large following on Pinterest. Melissa Taylor Melissa Taylor is mom, teacher, and writer who shares inspiration and resources on kids learning through her website Imagination Soup. She has over 1.4 million followers on Pinterest and one look at her

7 Pinterest Books to Give Your Business a Boost

One always turns to books to learn more about a particular topic. Although there are dozens of Pinterest articles floating the web, there are a handful of useful Pinterest books too. The authors of these books have taken great care to curate great content and provide concise information on everything you need to know about leveraging Pinterest for your business. Here are 7 Pinterest books to give your business a boost! 1. Pintelligent This book by Corey Frankosky is a no-fluff Pinterest marketing guide that will help you grow your Pinterest following with ease. This 64 page book is available as a Kindle edition.

10 Pinterest Tools to Rock Your Pinterest Marketing

I love living in this generation where there are tools to simplify just about any online task. And Pinterest is no exception! If you worry about spending too much time on Pinterest, or if you want to get the maximum results with minimum marketing effort, you'll want to check out some of the Pinterest tools I share below. 1. Pin Search It is a free extension for the Google Chrome browser that allows you to perform a Google image search on any picture on Pinterest. You will find a 'Search' button when you hover over any of the pins, and clicking it will yield

How I Tripled My Website Traffic Using Pinterest

When I first started my website, I went ahead and registered a Pinterest account. But I did not spend much time on it, choosing to concentrate on Facebook and Twitter instead. After a couple of months, I checked my stats on Google Analytics and got a pleasant surprise when I found that it was Pinterest that was driving the most traffic to my site. I realized it was time to start being intentional with Pinterest marketing, and I began to be more organized with it. Within a couple of months, I saw a steep incline in my inbound traffic from Pinterest. The

Are You Making These 11 Pinterest Marketing Mistakes?

As we have established over the past couple of posts, it is possible for you to use Pinterest as a business marketing tool, to establish your brand and grow your business. But there are a few mistakes you might be making unknowingly... {I admit, I've made a few of these mistakes myself!} In this article, I list out some major Pinterest marketing mistakes, and how you can rectify them. Mistake 1: Not having a solid strategy If you are serious about using Pinterest to grow your business, then it is essential that you have a strategy in place. Take some time to map out your