• 100 Tutorials to Boost Your Online Marketing Skills

100 Tutorials to Boost Your Online Marketing Skills

Online marketing is a learned art. When I stepped into the internet marketing arena years ago, not many people knew about it. Finding learning resources was a huge challenge. But we've come a long way since then. There are more resources out there to help us with every area of marketing a brand/business online. In this article, I've curated a list of 100 tutorials to help you boost your online marketing skills. Do take a look at them and work on the aspects you feel you need to master. Entrepreneurship A lot of successful entrepreneurs hold TED Talks that provide

14 Free Social Media Books for the Savvy Online Marketer

Social media is soon becoming a leading avenue to build website traffic, engage with audience, and even get more sales. In this article, I share 14 free social media books that will help you master your marketing efforts. Listen Up! This free social media monitoring e-book will help you cue in to the signals sent out by your competitors and customers via social media. It is a social listening guide to help you find online conversations that matter and make better business decisions based on what you learn. Social Media for Lead Generation This eBook explains how social media sharing can influence lead

23 Free Online Marketing eBooks for Your Business Growth

Online marketing has grown rapidly over the past few years, giving small businesses a variety of ways to thrive online. The best part is that most online marketing methods need almost no financial investment. The only thing you need is time - to develop effective marketing strategies, and to implement them consistently in your business. Here's a round up of 23 free online marketing ebooks for your business growth. I'm sure you'll find them useful! Online Marketing The Beginner's Guide to Online Marketing by Neil Patel & Ritika Puri This eBook can be read online, and is an extensive and

11 Ways to Spread the Word About Your New Product

Over the past couple of months, we have been covering every aspect of creating and selling your product online. But once your product is ready to be sold, it will not magically start bringing in customers and raking in profits. You need to have a solid plan to let your target audience know about your product. Here are 11 ways to spread the word about your new product. 1. Website or Blog If you have an existing blog or website, make sure you share the news about your upcoming product, even before it is launched. This will ensure that those

How to Add Pinterest Rich Pins for Articles to Your Blog {WordPress & Blogger}

I recently came across the ability to add rich pins onto our Pinterest board. I realized what a valuable tool it is, and decided to write this tutorial to enable you to do the same. Let me tell you, it is really very simple! For my website, it took less than 5 minutes!! Update: It took about a week for Pinterest to approve our Rich Pins, but we now have them activated at both Clothed In Scarlet and Love God Greatly! What are Rich Pins? Rich Pins are basically extra details that can be added to your pins to make them