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Free Printable Journal Cards for the Work at Home Mom

A work at home mom has numerous things she needs to stay on top of at any given time. From my own experience, I know for a fact that it's all too easy for important tasks to slip through the cracks when we're dealing dealing with more urgent issues. To help you keep all your tasks prioritized and organized, I created a set of free printable journal cards. You can use these cards to keep yourself on track, and motivate yourself to get things done. So, go on then... print out these cards and place them strategically near your workspace.

How to Create a Printable Using Microsoft Word

Over the past week, we've looked at how to create a printable using PicMonkey and PowerPoint. Today, I'd like to share with you the step by step instructions on how to create a printable using Microsoft Word. Please do keep in mind the tips I shared in the previous 2 tutorials when you create your printable. In the example below, I will be using Microsoft Word to create a simple printable where you can jot down your freebie ideas as you work through this challenge. Step 1: Open new document Open Microsoft Word. By default it should open a new

18 Free Printables to Organize Your Work from Home Schedule

One thing I really struggle with as a work at home mom, is keeping the different areas of my life organized. I have to keep track of my business projects, blog posts, articles on other sites, and on top of that, things to be done at home for my family. I've started relying a lot on lists and planners, and they certainly do help me stay organized. Here are 18 free printables to organize your work from home schedule. I know they will help you better manage your home and your business. Business & Blog Planning 2014 Monthly Blog Planner

This Moment I Choose Him {Free Printable}

Some time last month, I was a bit overwhelmed with everything that was on my plate. Sickness, a stressful situation at home, and additional work projects I had taken up were taking their toll on me. I realized that I needed some time to just quiet my spirit and spend time with the Lord. I took a day off work, completely shut down my usual online activities and spent some solid time at the feet of my Maker. At the end of the day, my mind was rested and I was more at peace than I had been in a

Biblical Encouragement for Your Product Launch {Free Printable Verses}

Creating a product can be a great adventure you embark on; pretty much like stepping into the unknown. But you don't have to step out on your own. When you have God by your side, to instruct and guide, you are not alone in your quest to create a worthy product. When God asked Abraham to move out of his land and step into unknown territory, he obeyed. He took an act of faith, not knowing where God would take him. When God gives you a vision for your product and you choose to obey, you are stepping out of your comfort