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Free Prayer Journal for Work at Home Moms

I love December, don't you?! While it's obviously Christmas season, it's also a great time to evaluate ourselves and see how far we've come over the past year. As I reflect on how 2014 has been for me and my family, I keep coming back to how wonderfully God has helped me weave prayer into my daily life. My quiet time with the Lord has helped me weather a lot of storms, given me grace for the rough days, and has brought a little spark back to my life. As work at home moms, we sometimes have so much to do that we let our

7 Inspirational Posters for the Christian Mom {Free Printable}

Life isn't easy, and it doesn't come with a manual. But we are blessed to have a God who walks with us through the ups and downs, and we have His Word to light up our paths. As a full-time, work at home mother, I often turn to the Bible and Christian authors for inspiration and encouragement. So often, a simple quote or a familiar verse will be just what I need to get me through the day. I have compiled a few verses and quotes that have encouraged me personally in my walk with God. I pray they are an inspiration to

The WAHM Guide is Now a Free eBook!

Over the past month, we've been working through a blog series to guide you in your quest to become a work at home mom. I have compiled all the articles, resources and printables from the series, added some bonus content and converted it into a handy eBook. And the best part is... I'm offering it FREE for my newsletter subscribers! Here's what some of our readers have to say about it. I think sometimes knowing what sorts of opportunities are out there are helpful too. There are a lot of things I’m good at that I will never make a living

The Work at Home Mom Manifesto {Free Printable}

A work at home mom is an expert juggler, plate-spinner, and tight-rope walker. She has a million things to do each day, and she relies on God's grace and strength to get them done. She faces a flu bug with the same courage as a tight deadline. On her own, she may be weak. But with God, she is strong. She makes her plans with purpose, and executes them effectively. She is not always perfect, but she does the best she can. Dear work at home mom, I know your struggle. I've been there... I am there even now! We cannot do it

What Can You Do to Make Money Online from Home? {Free Worksheet}

Working from home does sound very appealing doesn't it? But in order to find genuine work from home opportunities, you first need to do a self evaluation, and jot down what are the things you can do. These should be activities you are comfortable doing, and that will help you make money online from home. God has blessed each of us with unique gifts and talents. One person might be a culinary genius and think of starting her own online coaching program. Another might have a good eye for photography, and make a tidy profit by selling stock photos. Yet another person might be