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5 Business Lessons We Can Learn From Cinderella

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When I read Cinderella as a child, it was nothing more than a fairy tale with a happy ending.  But a deeper look at the well-loved children’s story reveals that Cinderella can teach us quite a bit about business!

Here are 5 business lessons we can all take away from Cinderella’s story.

1. You Won’t Always be Cleaning the Fireplace

Cinderella went through a rough patch where her step-mother treated her like a maid and made her clean the fireplace.  But that didn’t last long.

In business, you may have long, tiring days when you’re just getting your business established.  You will have to deal with all the drudgery yourself.  You will play the roles of owner, manager and employee simultaneously, and that could drain you.  But you will not always remain in the same position.  With all your focused hard work, your business will take off and then you can afford to outsource the tasks you don’t enjoy.

2. Don’t Let the Evil Step-Sisters Get to You

Cinderella had two evil step-sisters who were always waiting for her to slip up and fall.  They seemed to delight in her horrible plight, but Cinderella did not let them influence her.

In business, the two sisters are called, “negative attitudes” and “negative circumstances”.  Sometimes your own negative thoughts or discouraging remarks by a close friend can endanger your business opportunity.  Other times, a minor setback could dampen your entrepreneurial spirit.  Don’t let the evil sisters get to you.  Stay positive, look on the brighter side and be determined to fight against the odds.

3. Find Your Fairy Godmother

Cinderella had a fairy godmother who encouraged her and helped her make it to the ball on time.  The godmother magically transformed Cinderella’s appearance, her ride and even her situation.

Find a fairy godmother who can help get your business off the ground.  What will add a little extra magic to your online business?  It could be one of the following:

  • A course
  • A business mentor
  • A webinar
  • A professional web design
  • A critique
  • An accountability group
  • An influencer in your niche

Be on the lookout for someone or something that will add a little fairy dust to your business and make it more successful.

4. Make Do With a Pumpkin Carriage

Cinderella had a unique ride to the ball – a pumpkin carriage!  If that’s not out of the box, I don’t know what is!  She didn’t have an automobile or even a regular horse-driven buggy.  But she had a pumpkin that was transformed into a carriage and that was enough to serve her purpose.

When you are just starting out, you may not have a lot of fancy things to accessorize your business.  But you do have your creative spirit.  Think outside the box and look for ways to improvise.  Maybe you can’t afford an SEO specialist, but you can look for inexpensive plugins that will work almost as well.

Where there is a will, there is a way.  And as long as what you have works, you have nothing to worry about!

5. Make a Grand Impression at the Ball

Cinderella made a grand entrance to the ball.  She made such a good first impression that the prince could not take take his eyes off her.  In fact, he couldn’t forget her even after she was long gone.

Your business should impress potential clients at first glance.  Whether it is your website design, your blog content or the way you communicate, your audience should be enthralled by it.  That’s the only way you can get them to come back again.  When your business makes a good impression on customers, you can be sure they’ll be out recommending you to their own circle of friends.  And that, my friend is how your business grows.

Do you remember Cinderella’s story?  What other aspects of the story can inspire you to grow your online business?

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