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50+ PicMonkey Resources to Make Your Designs Shine

PicMonkey is an online photo editing service that has taken the online graphic design scene by storm. It was launched by two former Picnik engineers who jumped ship when they realized Picknik was going to shut down. PicMonkey has become wildly popular over the past two years, even being recognized as a Top 100 Website in 2013 by PC Magazine.

I started using PicMonkey almost soon after it was launched in 2012. At that time, they were offering all their premium services also free as a promotion strategy. Eventually, the premium features were made available only for those who subscribed for the Royale membership. I found so much value in PicMonkey that I had no qualms forking out the extra dollars.

When I was researching for PicMonkey tutorials online, I found that there were several, but they were hard to find. So, I decided to curate a big list of PicMonkey tutorials to help you master PicMonkey for your graphic design needs.

If you are new to PicMonkey, you need to familiarize yourself with the basics first. Here are some tutorials that will help you get acquainted with some basic graphic designing you can do with PicMonkey.

The Beginner's Guide to PicMonkey
Using PicMonkey: A Beginner’s Guide

PicMonkey Basics: Getting Started

How to Color Match in PicMonkey

How to Make a Watermark in PicMonkey

How To Make a “Wow” Blog Image with PicMonkey

An ordinary image can be spruced up in innumerable ways by just adding a few overlays or layering it with textures. This set of tutorials will give you some input on how you can do that.

Getting the Most out of Textures
Getting the Most out of Textures

Using Overlays

Design Your Own

How to Add Texture in PicMonkey

How to Make a Blackboard Background in PicMonkey

We’ve all taken those photos that would have been perfect if not for that tiny blimp. With PicMonkey, image fixes become a breeze. Here are some tutorials to help you fix the small irregularities in your images.

How and When to Use PicMonkey Touch Up Tools

How and When to Use PicMonkey Touch Up Tools

How to Fix Bad Flash Photos

Bring the Radiance: Editing Wedding Photos

Master the Clone Tool and Make Stuff Disappear

Tutorial: Using Touch Up Wisely

Beginners Guide to Removing Wrinkles & Other Blemishes

How To Edit Out The Snot and Dirt {This tutorial starts with using Lightroom, but then explains how the same can be done using PicMonkey}

You don’t need to know Photoshop to edit your photos any more. PicMonkey has just the tools you need to make your photos look snazzy. Check out these photo editing tutorials below.

How To Make Pictures Look Professional Using PicMonkey
How To Make Pictures Look Professional Using PicMonkey

Improve Your Photos, It’s Easy

4 Simple Tips to Edit Food Photos using Picmonkey.com

Photo Editing for Cool Newbies

Basic Photo Editing With PicMonkey

How To Lighten Up Just The Background of an Image

Create Circle Photos with PicMonkey

How to Make a Horizontal Photo a Pinterest-friendly Vertical Photo Using PicMonkey

There is no end to the variety of graphics and printables you can create with PicMonkey. Here are some tutorials on how you can create printables, cards, banners, labels, patters and icons using PicMonkey.

How to Create Chalkboard Printables Using Picmonkey
How to Create Chalkboard Printables Using Picmonkey

How to Make Recipe Cards in PicMonkey

Design Your Own Business Cards in PicMonkey

Beginner DIY Christmas Cards with PicMonkey

Easily Create a Blog or Etsy Banner for Free Using PicMonkey

How to Make Easter Placecards for Your Holiday Table in PicMonkey

Creating your own Favicon with PicMonkey

Using PicMonkey to create your Facebook Cover Image

Creating Custom Social Media Buttons to Match Your Blog Theme

Creating Chevron Pattern in PicMonkey

DIY Printable Christmas Labels

If you’ve been using PicMonkey for a while, chances are you know all the basic stuff. These tutorials will help you learn some of the more advanced PicMonkey tips and tricks.

10 Design Tips Using PicMonkey
10 Design Tips Using PicMonkey That You Might Not Know About!

Picking and Pairing Fonts

How to Curve Text in Picmonkey

Creating Pinterest Images that Move the Masses

How Did You Do That?  A PicMonkey Halloween Tutorial

 How To Make A Graphic That Gets Pinned

How to add shadows to text in PicMonkey or Canva

Creating a Paint Chip Color Palette in PicMonkey

How to Use Curves in Picmonkey

How to use Curves in PicMonkey to get a “Vintage Matte” Photo

Cool Tips Nobody Knows

DIY – Learn to Fly

Collages are a great way to showcase more than one graphic in your image. Check out these collage tutorials to make photo collages, Facebook cover photos and blog headers.

How to Make a Printable Photo Collage using PicMonkey
How to Make a Printable Photo Collage using PicMonkey

Create a Collage

How To Make a Digital Photo Collage

PicMonkey Photo Collages

Creating A Header for Your Blog Using PicMonkey

How To Make a Facebook Cover with PicMonkey’s Collage Feature

Make a Collage with Text in PicMonkey

If step by step image tutorials are not your cup of tea, check out these PicMonkey video tutorials instead. They’ll give you a clearer picture of how you can use PicMonkey for your graphic design.

Design Your Own Holiday Cards

Design Your Own Holiday Cards

PicMonkey Tutorial – How to Edit Collages

How To Use the Clone Tool in PicMonkey

How to Make Infographics with PicMonkey

PicMonkey Tutorial: How to ERASE Background?

How To Use PicMonkey and Save Your Images To Google Drive

Quick photo fixes with PicMonkey’s Basic Edits

How to work with overlays in PicMonkey (Multiple Layers)

There aren’t many books on PicMonkey out there but I did find a couple of eBooks that feature PicMonkey tutorials. Check the titles below to find out how you can get your hand on one.

Monkey See, MonkeyDo
Monkey See, Monkey Do

Creating Awesome and Shareable Images with PicMonkey

I hope you find this list of PicMonkey tutorials helpful. If you have any more to add, do leave a link in the comments below!

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School teacher turned internet marketing consultant, Sunu Philip is a Certified SEO Specialist. She founded “Clothed in Scarlet” to help women discover their unique God-given strengths and turn their talents into profits online. She offers subscribers a Free Online Business Startup Kit to help them start their online business from scratch.


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      Thank you Grace! PicMonkey is an awesome tool! I am falling more and more in love with it everyday!!

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