4 Weeks to Sell Your First Product Online

Give me 4 weeks and I will show you how to create a product and get it ready to be sold online!


Confused about how to create a product and sell it online?

Have a website but not sure what to do next?

Affiliate links not giving you enough income?

I’ve created an affordable eCourse to take you through all the steps involved in creating and selling your very own product online!

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Real money is made online when you sell your own product. Yes, it’s true that ads and affiliate programs pay you handsomely but it sure takes time. Making money online by selling your own product is much simpler than you think it would be.

This training program will guide you through every step involved in creating and launching your own product online. And the coolest part is… we will be working and building your product idea on those very things that you love to do.

I will take you through the “exact” steps so that by the end of 4 weeks, you will have a product ready to be sold. 

Who is this Course For?

Do you fall under one of the following categories? If so, this course will definitely be of great benefit to you! No matter what your current level of experience is, this course will definitely get you started.

Red Bullet Bloggers

Red Bullet Online Consultants

Red Bullet Stay at home moms who want to make an income online

Red Bullet Startup websites

Red Bullet Home based business owners

Red Bullet Local business owners who want an online presence

Many people have product ideas but they get stuck when they find too many problems coming their way. And that sometimes stems from having no clear-cut instruction on how to proceed further. Below are a few potential problems product creators may encounter and the solutions that our eCourse provides.

The Problem

Typical issues include:

  • Not having a product idea
  • Having too many product ideas
  • Having too much information, but not taking enough action
  • Stuck in the product creation process
  • Not sure how to set up the online payment process
  • No idea how to plan a product launch





The Solution

Our eCourse helps you:

  • Identify your core competencies
  • Finalize on a profitable product idea
  • Take immediate action
  • Move out of the rut and finish creating the product
  • Set up the online payment process from scratch
  • Prepare for a successful product launch

4 Weeks to Sell Your First Product Online

What’s in the eCourse?

In this 4-week eCourse, I will walk you through how you can create and sell your own product online. The course includes step-by-step instructional videos and workbooks, so that you can follow along, creating your own product as you go.

The course covers everything from finding the right idea for your product, the product creation process, to setting up the sales page and payment process on your website – everything you’ll need to launch your very own product to be sold online!

Each week’s module will include a set of videos, the transcripts, and worksheets to guide you one step at a time. You will have lifetime access to the content, so you can refer back to it as required.

eCourse Content

The eCourse is divided into 4 actionable modules delivered to you over the course of 4 weeks. Here’s a peek into the topics we’ll be covering in each module. 

This course is developed from the lessons and experiences I gained while I was dabbling online over the course of 6 years. I have taken into consideration the common challenges and pitfalls people come across and incorporated them into the course.

What Do You Get?

Red Bullet 4 module video course

Red Bullet Accompanying workbooks

Red Bullet Assignments for each module

Red Bullet Audio version {coming soon}

Red Bullet Video transcripts

Red Bullet Lifetime access


I had the privilege and honor of working with Sunu Philip on a group project not long ago and quickly learned how business professional and internet savvy she is. In reviewing her eCourse, 4 Weeks to Sell Your First Product Online, I can honestly say it is a must-have for the blogger, stay-at-home mom, or entrepreneur looking to create a profitable online presence. 4 Weeks to Sell Your First Product Online is packed full of easy-to-follow instructional videos and useful brainstorming worksheets so you can create a product while you work through the course, literally creating and launching your online product in just 4 weeks! Sunu provides professional step-by-step counsel to help you discover your hidden passions. She’ll help you determine if what you love will convert into a viable product, offers inspiration to create your product, and then she walks you through successfully launching your online business! I will definitely be using this eCourse as a blueprint for my next product launch.” ~ Rosann Cunningham, RosannCunningham.com

I could have easily charged $97 or $47 for this video course. As this course teaches you to make money, it is in fact an investment. But as I said, I want to make this course very accessible to everyone. So I am going with the “Pay What You Want” model.

Yes, that’s right! Pay what you want ($1 onwards)!

So whether you want to reward me with a refreshing cup of coffee for $5, or a lavish buffet for $50, or just taking it for $1, it is completely up to you. You can add whatever amount you feel this course is worth in the checkout page and complete your transaction. I appreciate anything you are willing to pay. Even the smallest amount means a lot to me. Thank you so much in advance for supporting my work.

Why Should you Buy this eCourse?

It’s comprehensive! It covers everything you’ll possibly need to know about the product creation and sales process. 

It’s action-oriented! The content will spur you to take action, rather than just learn about one more thing.

It’s affordable! You have to pay a minimum of just $1 to gain lifetime access to premium content.

I really hope this eCourse helps you get started with your next project and guides you through the product launch. 

If you like what you learn, please do share it. I so very much appreciate that! See you inside!

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Rosilind Jukic
“Not long ago I contacted Sunu about starting a home business. I had read her post on 50 Authentic Online Business Ideas That Actually Work} and was inspired to put my talents to use to help my family earn a second income. What was merely a dream in my heart quickly began to take shape, and by the end of the year it was a reality as I launched my website: Missional Call – a fellowship and resource center for missionaries. Sunu expertly walked me through each phase with precise and well thought out step-by-step instructions. It was obvious as we met online on a weekly basis, that she had prepared for each session ahead of time. She knew what she planned to bring to the table and her obvious talent for teaching made me feel confident that indeed I could do this! I know that you will not only find these modules helpful, you will come away with great confidence that you can put your talents to work for you and produce a quality, marketable product!” – Rosilind Jukic, Missional Call